French Governments' Wrong Policies towards Syria Criticized

BEIRUT, (ST)- French Popular Republican Union (UPR) Party leader Francois Asselineau has stressed that the former and current French governments have adopted wrong stances towards Syria; stances that have nothing to do with the principles of the France  of Charles de Gaulle.

During his meeting on Monday in Lebanon with Secretary of the Leading Commission of the  Free Nasirists Movement in Lebanon Mustafa Hamdan, Asselineau said his party has opposed the foreign policies of the French government in the region since 2011, particularly regarding Syria. He reiterated that he supports respecting the international law and the principle of not interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.

 Asselineau urged the government of his country to respect the sovereignty of Syria and Lebanon as well as the diversity which distinguishes these two countries.

On his part, Hamdan said "it is France's interest to play a positive role in Syria", calling for best relations with the French Popular Republican Union Party.

Hamda Mustafa