Trump Spearheading Anti-Iran Policies, Says Analyst

With changes in the US government, US President Donald Trump is after creating an anti-Iranian atmosphere in line with him, said an expert on international relations.

'Washington is getting ready to face its target zones in a new era,' said Mahdi Motaharnia, regarding the recent change in the US executive branch in which Rex Tillerson was ousted to be replaced by Mike Pompeo as the secretary of state.

Motahnia said Trump is planning to encounter serious obstacles of the US toward creating a monopoly for the future of the world, which is desired by the US, in the framework of chaos paradigm and mad man actor doctrine.

 In such a path, capitals of Iran and North Korea are serious challenges for the US great heartland, he said.

Such challenges are a justification for US presence in the new heartlands, that is, Tibet, he added.

Starting in 1990, the transition era of the international system has become too long and it is now entering its fourth decade; if it goes on more than this, it can no longer be considered as an opportunity for the previous powers, including the US, he said.

'In Rome conference of Group 7, the transition from bipolar to mono-multipolar structure was discussed,' Motaharnia said, adding that following Trumps visit to the Far East and the ultimatums given to North Korea, Pyongyang is at the negotiation table.

He is now ready for the talks; regardless of the nature and the outcome of the talks, they show a meaningful atmosphere for transition in the region. And the next, target zone is Tehran, Motaharnia added.

He commented that with such changes Trump is making, one can easily see that he is trying to create a surefire anti-Iranian atmosphere in line with himself.

The university professor added that US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, and US representative at UN Nikki Hailey symbolize the anti-Iran approach.

He also said that US National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster should get in line with them, or he will be the next person to be replaced with somebody with more similar ideas to those of Trump's.

Saying that an anti-Iranian team is forming in Washington, like the anti-Russian team of President Ronald Reagan, he added, 'I have told many times that Trump is the same as Reagan. You can even combine the names to make 'Ronald Trump'.'

'Trump has the mission to encounter Tehran and Pyongyang to pave the way for the new world order as US desires.'

What is seen now is that the replacements in Washington aim at one thing: Tehran issue; however, 'How successful the US will be in that respect is of course a horse of a different color,' he added.

'It is highly improbable that the US tears the JCPOA and quit it, but it will do its best to take the deal to redrafting.'

He also said that if Iran resists, Trump will quit the deal, which will be an introduction to re-create a new international and regional consensus against Iran.