Foreign Intervention in Syria's Internal Affairs Hinders Reaching Political Settlement in the Country

MOSCOW, (ST)- Russian Muslim and Christian men of religion have stressed that foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs hinders reaching political settlement in the country, expressing their confidence that the Syrians are able to solve the crisis in their country if such intervention stops.

In a press conference on Sunday, the Russian religious men, who recently visited Syria, are determined to cooperate with their brothers in Syria in efforts to attain peace. They criticized the continuous western accusations against the Syrian government on the use of chemical weapon.

 Stephan Igumenov, Head of Moscow Patriarchate department for external church relations told SANA reporter  in Moscow,  that “our meetings with Syrian officials as well as Muslim and Christian religious men have enhanced our trust that national dialogue among the Syrians will lead to success.”

He pointed out that any heralds of solution that appear before Sochi or Astana process are faced by unprecedented escalation by foreign parties to hamper such solution.

Sheikh Eldar Ziganshin, Imam of a mosque in Tyumen area in Siberia, said "our humanitarian aid for Syria shouldn't be only a material one, we have to support our brothers in Syria and help them achieve peace."

 "False accusations against Syria of using chemical weapons come within a misleading and misinformation campaign to cover up the terrorists who keep shelling residential neighborhoods," Sheikh Ziganshin added.

Hamda Mustafa