Moscow Blasts US Report on Russian Position Concerning Chemical Attacks in Syria

MOSCOW - The Russian Foreign Ministry sharply criticized an unofficial US report containing the assessment of Russia's position regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

"After a thorough study of this document, we have to state that the content of this material has nothing to do with reality and completely distorts our country's approaches to investigating such incidents," the ministry said in a commentary on the report that was circulated by the US delegation at the United Nations on January 9, according to Sputnik.

 The ministry also described attempts to impose responsibility for chemical attacks in Syria solely on Damascus as "devoid of any logic."

"We once again call on the partners on the UN Security Council to show common sense and objectively assess the essence of the US attempts to present a false image of the perpetrators of chemical incidents in Syria," the commentary said.

A similar position has been voiced by the Syrian side, which urged the United States to stop supporting armed groups in Syria perpetrating chemical attacks and blaming the Syrian government for them, as this situation benefits the terrorists operating in the country.