Shamanov: US Plan to Keep Its Troops Presence in Syria after Daesh Defeat Utter Brazenness

MOSCOW- Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Defense Vladimir Shamanov has castigated Washington’s ‘brazenness’ in seeking to keep its troop presence in Syria after terrorists are quashed.

"This is utter brazenness, these are phonies, breaking into someone else’s abode," he told reporters on Thursday. According to Itar Tass.

"I specifically meant them, a third power, when I said that any future post-war settlement process will depend on outside factors. First and foremost, the Americans with their unpredictable behavior," he stressed.

 The Washington Post earlier reported that the US authorities plan to maintain their military presence in Syria after Daesh defeat, in particular to prevent the Syrian army forces from regaining control there. According to the newspaper, "the defeat of the Islamic State in Syria could be imminent" and the American military will have no justification for remaining on the republic’s soil.