BRICS: Lasting Solution to Crisis in Syria Should Safeguard Sovereignty, Independence and Territorial Integrity of Syria

XIAMEN, China- BRICS leaders met on 4 September 2017 in Xiamen, China, at the Ninth BRICS Summit. They discussed international and regional issues of common concern and adopted the Xiamen Declaration by consensus.

According to the declaration, the BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China- South Africa) called upon all nations to adopt a comprehensive approach in combating terrorism including countering radicalisation and blocking terror financing sources.

They  reiterated that the only lasting solution to the crisis in Syria is through an inclusive “Syrian-led, Syrian-owned” political process which safeguards the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria, in pursuance of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254(2015), and promotes the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people.  

They strongly voiced support for the Geneva Peace Talks and the Astana process and for creation of the de-escalation areas in Syria, which contributed to decrease the levels of violence and generate positive momentum and conditions for meaningful progress in the peace talks under the auspices of the UN.

The leaders expressed their opposition of the use of chemical weapons by anyone, for any purpose and under any circumstance.

 Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The BRICS leaders reiterated the urgent need for a just, lasting and comprehensive solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East on the basis of relevant United Nations resolutions, the Madrid Principles, the Arab Peace Initiative and previous agreements between the parties through negotiations with a view to creating an independent, viable, territorially contiguous Palestinian State living side by side in peace and security with Israel. "Committed to making greater contribution to such solution, we express readiness to enhance our contribution towards a just and lasting resolution of the Middle East conflict and support international efforts to promote peace and stability in the region," the leaders said.


 They congratulated the people and Government of Iraq for the recovery of Mosul and for the progress achieved in the fight against terrorism and reaffirmed their commitment to Iraq’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence and their support for Iraqi government and its people.


They expressed their concern over the situation in Yemen and urged all parties to cease hostilities and to resume negotiations supported by the United Nations, calling on all parties directly involved in the current diplomatic crisis in the Gulf region to overcome their dissensions through dialogue.

Solidarity in Fight against Terrorism

The leaders deplored all terrorist attacks worldwide, including attacks in BRICS countries, and condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations wherever committed and by whomsoever and stress that there can be no justification whatsoever for any act of terrorism. They reaffirmed that those responsible for committing, organizing, or supporting terrorist acts must be held accountable. Recalling the primary leading role and responsibility of states in preventing and countering terrorism, they stressed the necessity to develop international cooperation, in accordance with the principles of international law, including that of sovereign equality of states and non-interference in their internal affairs. They reaffirmed solidarity and resolve in the fight against terrorism, valued the 2nd BRICS Counter-Terrorism Working Group Meeting held in Beijing on 18 May 2017, and agreed to strengthen their cooperation.

Hamda Mustafa