US Attacks in Syria 'Rude Violation' of UN Charter-Czech Analyst

Czech Political analyst has underlined that US attacks in Syria are rude violation of UN Charter and international security system.

Karel Kluz said in an article published by the Czech Communist Youth Union (KSM) that the United States exploits its military superiority and power to go ahead with its attacks in Syria.

"The US attacks on sites of Syrian army aims to support terrorist groups which are called 'moderate opposition' by Washington,"  the analyst said, asserting that the U.S.contributed to the foundation of ISIS, which is an active tool achieving U.S. interests.

 "The U.S. administration has helped ISIS to get money through looting oil and  has provided it with arms via other parties," he added, affirming that the U.S. fuels wars and crisis because its strategic goal is to have hegemony over the Middle East and to prevent the achievement of stability in it .

Basma Qaddour