OSPAAAL Renews Support for Syria in its Fight against Terrorism

HAVANA, (ST)- The Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America (OSPAAAL) has renewed solidarity with and support for Syria in its war on terrorism, stressing that Syria will triumph on the conspiracy that targets its resistant role, history and resources.

During a ceremony held yesterday to sign a book on the life of revolutionary leader Ernesto Che Guevara, prepared by a group of authors, OSPAAL's Secretary General Lourdes Cervantes talked about the struggle of Guevara in the Cuban Revolution and liberation movements.  

 "We present this book to the Syrian diplomatic mission in Havana on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of Syria's March 8 Revolution to be conveyed to the leadership of the Baath Arab Socialist Party," Cervantes said.

"Today in Syria we find people who carry on the struggle and heroism and achieve victories in the face of most heinous war in history," she added.

"The steadfast Syrian people, hero army and brave leader, President Bashar Al-Assad  whom we respect and admire, deserve to be honored. And while we honor the Baath Party and March 8 Revolution of Syria we honor a party that never skimped in backing liberation movements, so it is our duty to support this party against the dirty war imposed by imperialism and its allies on the brotherly Syrian people," Cervantes went on to say.

OSPAAAL had condemned the terrorist war and the unfair sanctions imposed on Syria, clarifying that this dangerous war wouldn’t have continued for years without the support and funding by America, Nato as well as some Arab and regional countries  to the terrorists.

On his part, Loui al-Owaji, head of the Syrian diplomatic mission in Havana, thanked OSPAAAL for its solidarity with and support for Syria.

He affirmed that Syria is experiencing a state of steadfastness and defiance against the heinous terrorist war waged by the forces of colonialism and aggression as well as by conspirators and their terrorist tools.

Syria has triumphed over the conspiracy and foiled the schemes of the countries of aggression, added the mission's head.

The ceremony was attended members of the Syrian diplomatic mission in Cuba, OSPAAAL members, a number of Cuban officials, representatives of the Cuban Communist Party, Cuban organizations and representatives of communist parties and liberation movements from Chile and Puerto Rico.

Hamda Mustafa