Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Says international Reports on Syria Outright Lies

MOSCOW- Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, an official spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry, on Friday expressed doubt that international reports about the situation in Syria are useful.

"Identical reports about the situation in Syria, based on so-called evidence by local "activists" obtained from social networking sites, are more likely to damage the reputation of international organizations and reputed media than to help in solving the humanitarian problems in Syria," he said, according to Itar Tass.

 By publishing them, Western propaganda specialists expose too clearly the desire to legitimize their own garbage heap of fakes and outright lies, on which colossal budgets were wasted in the past year," the spokesman added.

He said that the money spent on compiling those reports should rather be spent on helping the Syrian population.

"As far as the practical value of Western reports is concerned, they will not substitute for bread, medicines and shelter for the Syrians. If CNN, BBC and other major Western medias, instead of their reports of alleged "horrors" in Aleppo rotated commercials and sent the profit to help civilians, the city would have already been rebuilt," he said.