Prague to Take Part in Reconstruction in Syria, Iraq: Zoaralek

PRAGUE, (ST)- The Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zoaralek told a press conference on Wednesday that the Czech companies can join reconstruction in Syria after the crisis ends given the Czech republic's good reputation and its keenness on keeping the Czech embassy in Damascus opened and active.

 Zoalralek added his country had the opportunity to contribute to reconstruction in Syria and Iraq because the relations between the Czech republic and each of these two countries continued to be good.

The Czech diplomat talked about the assistance provided by his country to Syria over the past years, saying "last year the Czech government agreed to provide financial contribution valued at 195 million Koruna ( 7.22 million Euro) for implementing reconstruction and development projects in Syria over the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. The amount of money will go to reconstructing and rehabilitating health, education and social facilities as well as infrastructure."

Last month, the Czech Foreign Ministry in cooperation with the Czech Embassy in Damascus announced the delivery of a new batch of humanitarian aid to Syria.  Last year also, the Czech Republic sent humanitarian assistance including medical equipments valued at 7.6 million Koruna (281 thousand Euro)

The Czech foreign minister pointed out that his country will provide Iraq with humanitarian assistance valued at 25 million Koruna (1 million dollars)  

Hamda Mustafa