China to Build Gravitational Wave Telescopes in Tibet

China plans to set up telescopes in Tibet to study gravitational waves that may help to learn more about the Big Bang.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the construction of the first telescope called Ngari-1 was launched 30 kilometers south of the Shiquanhe settlement in Ngari Prefecture, close to the border with India.

 The telescope will be located at an altitude of 5,250 meters above sea level. After the start of operations, which is planned for 2021, the telescope will monitor and gather data on gravitational waves in the northern hemisphere. Chinese scientists also plan to create a series of telescopes, Ngari-2, in the second phase of the project.

These telescopes will be located at an altitude of 6 km above sea level.

The budget for the project is estimated at $18.8 million.