Rationality, Experience Back up Mistrust in US, Says Khamenei

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Sunday that the mistrust in the arrogant powers and the US on top has roots in rationality and the experience gained throughout the past years.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks in a meeting with a group of commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

IRGC is the stronghold of the Islamic revolution in charge of the domestic and foreign security, the Supreme Leader said.

The Supreme Leader recalled assertion of the late Imam Khomeini that 'If there were no IRGC, there had been no sign of the country' to highlight the significant role of power of the Islamic Revolution.

Some 37 years after triumph of the Islamic Revolution, the assertion of the late Imam Khomeini is deeply understood that IRGC is the strong bastion for the Islamic Revolution, the Supreme Leader said.

The role of IRGC is very comprehensive, as the body is in charge of the country's security as well as implementing the development projects, rendering services to needy people, helping resolve the country's cultural issues and promoting the Islamic Arts and Islamic thoughts, Ayatollah Khamenei said.

Today, the enemies of the Islamic revolution admit the effective might of IRGC, the Supreme Leader said.

IRGC should proceed with progress and never halt advances in science and technology, the Supreme Leader said.

Maintaining domestic and foreign security is among grave responsibility of the IRGC and if the IRGC fails to prevent the enemies beyond borders, the country's domestic security will be demolished, the Supreme Leader said.

Military might of the armed forces thwarts the threats and that powerful military embarrasses the enemies, underlined the Supreme Leader.

The Supreme Leader criticized the statement made by some officials that the country will make major advances in economy and welfare if the military expenditure be saved, saying that such statements are totally wrong.

Those countries which dismantled their military organizations did not do it voluntarily and in fact their armed forces were destroyed during the World War and were never allowed to rebuild their military organizations, the Supreme Leader said.

'No wise person will ignore its defensive might, maybe consequently, the country’s defensive ought to be bolstered day by day,' Ayatollah Khamenei said.

The Supreme Leader expressed concern about unequal war and said that despite the access to sophisticated weapons and equipment, the armed forces of the arrogant powers lack faith.

The unequal war happened in Iraq where militia forces who lacked advanced military equipment but enjoyed high sprit as could liberate the lands that even the US and its allies from early days of deployment in the country failed to liberate from the terrorists, the Supreme Leader said.

The Supreme Leader said that independence of the Islamic Republic of Iran must be protected, criticizing the intellectuals who downgrade independence in the current state of the world order.

'Why should we give up our real identity and pursue wrong policies of the westerners?' the Supreme Leader said.

The Supreme Leader derided the intellectuals who believe that giving importance to independence of the Islamic Republic of Iran has isolated the country from the international community.

Idealism equals to rationality as a nation without idealism like the current status in western societies, will suffer from vain, the Supreme Leader said.

Idealism will bring nations more courage and development and idealism with more aspiration will lead to proper move, the Supreme Leader said.

One of the main powerful elements of soft power in the Islamic Revolution is absolute mistrust in the bullying powers and the US, the Supreme Leader said.

Regretfully, some fail to admit to such mistrust although they label the US as the enemy but the real feeling of mistrust has no place in their hearts, the Supreme Leader said.

When there is real sense of enmity and mistrust inside human beings, in negotiations and meetings never trust the other side, the Supreme Leader said.

'We have seen the US enmity throughout the years after triumph of the Islamic revolution as well as recent nuclear talks and other issues,' Ayatollah Khamenei said.

In constitutional era, when they trusted the UK and changed their path to their embassy, they were dealt with a deadly blow and brought the country some 75 years backward, the Supreme Leader said.

'If we fail to exercise vigilance and fail to understand the US ploys and be deceived by their smile, you might push back to 50 or even 100 year,' the Supreme Leader said.

'If we open the door ajar for negotiations with the US and their temptations in various sectors, we not only prepare grounds for their overt and covert influence but the country's developments never attained and our backwardness will be certain,' the Supreme Leader said.

The Americans insist on holding talks on regional developments such as in Asia mainly in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen with the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to prevent Iran's presence in the region as believe the country is the main hurdle for US to attain its goals, the Supreme Leader said.

The Supreme Leader recalled the ploys used by US in negotiations and their blatant enmities in nuclear talks and said rationality requires not to trust in those expressing their enmities to us.

Talks with US have no use but it will be very harmful and this has been informed to the country's top officials through providing them with rational reasoning, the Supreme Leader said.

Negotiations with the US never help lessen enmity but prepare grounds for their influence, the Supreme Leader said.

The enemy is to spare no efforts to disrupt the country's security and this is among grave responsibility of armed forces and relative departments to protect the country's security by all means, the Supreme Leader said.

IRGC should play its significant role in all fields, the Supreme Leader underlined.

'If the country's officials to successfully implement resistance economy and survive the country from enemies' financial system and hit a blow to the status of US dollars in global economy, they have rescued other countries and have introduced and exemplary model for them,' the Supreme Leader said.

Iranian nation despite masses of sanctions and threats are now paving their path with more courage, the Supreme Leader said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to attain its aspirations and have attracted the hearts of world nations through its resistance and firm determination, Aytaollah Khamenei said.