Germans Urge Merkel, EU to Restore Diplomatic Ties with Syria

BERLIN, (ST)-Some fifty German personalities including MPs, scholers, peace activists and journlists have urged the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and members of the German and Euroepan Parliament to restore diplomatic ties with Syria and lift the unjust sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.


An appeal signd by the 50 German personalities and published in “The New World” Newspaper on Sunday, called for restoring diplomatic ties with Syria, respecting Syria sovereignty, lifting the inhuman siege imposed on the Syrian people, providing humnitarian assistance and supporting reconstructiuon in the country.

“The continuity of the siege imposed on the Syrian people means participating in the genocide against them,” the appeal warned.

It stressed that Germany and the European Union should play the role of the mediator to help solve the crisis in Syria and restore peace to the entire region.

“Stop starving the Syrian people and end the siege to help the Syrians live in peace,” the appeal said addressing Merkel.

The appeal asserted that the United States and its allies have been leading a proxy war on Syria for four years by supplying the terrorist organizations in the country with sophisticated weapons and training the terrorists in specialized camps established in Turkey and Jordan aiming to launch bloody attacks inside Syria. It affirmed that the Wahhabi regimes in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states are repeating what they did in the 70s and 80s of last century in Afghanistan. They are speding millions of dollars to recruite terrorists and allow them to join ISIS and al-Nousra Front terrorist organizations.

Hamda Mustafa