Beijing Reiterates: Political Solution Only Way out of Crisis in Syria

 LONDON-China reiterates its support for national dialogue to attain a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

In a statement published on Sunday, the Chinese Foreign MinisterWang Yi clarified that Beijing's stance on the crisis in Syria is based on "the need to maintain the goals and principles of the UN Charter and the basic principles of international relations, particularly the non interference in the internal affairs of other countries."

"After three years of crisis, all international parties have reached a consensus that war won't end the crisis and that attaining political solution through negotiations is the only way out," said Wang Yi.

He affirmed that talks between the delegations of the Syrian government and the so called "opposition" within the framework of Geneva2 Conference shouldn't stop. He urged the international community to spare no effort to encourage both sides to hold a third round of talks as soon as possible in accordance with the essence of the statement of Geneva1 conference in order to attain peace in Syria and guarantee a better future for the Syrians.

Wang Li said that China, as a permanent member of the Security Council, is completely committed to maintaining international peace and security.

H. Mustafa