Putin : Ukrainian Crisis Of Domestic Nature, Russia Not To Be Blamed

The Ukrainian crisis is of domestic nature and Russia cannot be blamed for the situation in the county, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said at a meeting with Russian Security Council members. The Russian leader also added that there is a strong need to discuss how to build relations with friends and partners in Ukraine and partners in Europe and the US.

Russia did not initiate crisis over Ukraine, says Putin

President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia was not to blame for the crisis over Ukraine's Crimea region. At a meeting with paralympic delegations in the Black Sea city of Sochi, Putin thanked officials for keeping politics out of the Winter Paralympics being hosted by Russia.

"I would like to express gratitude to you for keeping the Paralympics out of politics. And the uneasy circumstances which you well know about did not affect it. And I would like to stress that Russia was not the initiator of the circumstances that have taken shape," he said.

Crimea is to hold a referendum on Sunday on joining Russia, but Ukraine and Western leaders are strongly oppose the people's will and claim that the referendum is illegal.

More than 80 cultural figures back Russia support Putin’s position on Crimea

More than 80 Russian cultural figures have signed a letter in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s position on Ukraine and Crimea, the website of Russia’s Ministry of Culture reports.

"In the days, when the fate of Crimea and our compatriots is being decided, Russian cultural figures cannot be indifferent observers with cold hearts. Our common history and common roots, our culture and its spiritual sources, our fundamental values and language brought us together forever. We want the community of our peoples and our cultures to have a lasting future. That is why we firmly declare our support of the position of the President of the Russian Federation on Ukraine and Crimea,".

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