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Russian Foreign Ministry : Extremists in Syria try to foil local reconciliation agreements

MOSCOW, (ST) _The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that terrorist and extremist groups in Syria are trying to thwart efforts to implement local reconciliations and new agreements to this end.

In a statement today, the ministry indicated  the continued operations by the outlawed armed groups in Syria, including those involving international terrorists and extremists, against the Syrian army in certain areas in Syria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called on international partners and opposition politicians who have a say on what is happening in Syria to support reconciliation processes which help saving thousands of people and alleviate the suffering of civilians.

The Russian ministry also announced that the extremist and terrorist groups, particularly the so-called "state of Islam in Iraq and the Levant ", " al-Nusra Front " and " Islamic Front " are attempting to thwart the implementation of local reconciliation agreements.

The ministry pointed out that these attempts took place in the suburbs of Damascus, especially in Duma, Daria, Barzeh, Qudsia, Babila and Beit Sahm where extremists more than once launched fire provocatively and attacked the humanitarian convoys of the Syrian Red Crescent which deliver humanitarian aid to civilian population.

The statement continued that news about the breach by al-Nusra front militants of February 11 agreement provided for their withdrawal from al Yarmouk refugee camp and the resumption of clashes with factions of the Palestinian People army groups raised serious concern in Moscow, referring to the armed groups continued bombardment of residential areas in Damascus, Homs and Aleppo, resulting in daily casualties.

The Russian ministry emphasized the political solution to the crisis in Syria and the impossibility of resorting to the military option, insisting that " violence can not be stopped,  nor ending  the suffering of Syrian civilians only by resorting to political and diplomatic means through continuation of talks in Geneva, which we support its urgent resumption as soon as possible."

T. Fateh