Lavrov: Terrorism in Syria Becomes a Threat to Entire World

BRUSSELS- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has warned of the expansion of terrorism in Syria and of its spillover to other countries, stressing the need to fight this serious treat.

Replying a question by correspondent of the Lebanese As-Safir newspaper in Brussels, Lavrov said: "fighting terrorism in Syria is one of the major tasks of the international conference on Syria, Geneva2," pointing out that the Geneva1 statement of June 30th, 2012 has called on the Syrian government and opposition to be unified to expel terrorists from Syria.

Lavrov said that he noticed "an increasing understanding of this issue by the European partners during his talks with them on the situation in Syria."

Yesterday in Brussels, Lavrov strongly criticized the continuity of sending weapons to the terrorists in Syria, warning that this issue will lead to supporting terrorists in the whole region.

Lavrov was commenting on news unveiling that the US Congress has secretly endorsed a decision to send weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

H. Mustafa