Obama Urged to Exert Efforts to Guarantee Immediate Stop of Extremists' Flow to Syria


WASHINGTON- Syrian members of the Syrian American Forum (SAF) has recently sent a letter to the White House in which they urged US President Barack Obama to exert the influence and efforts of the United States in order to guarantee an immediate stop to the flow of extremists from other countries to Syria, and an immediate end to smuggling weaponry and providing other kinds of support to terrorists and extremist groups fighting in Syria.

The letter reiterated the forum's support for the ongoing Geneva II conference, calling on the US Secretary of State John Kerry to focus on attaining a political solution to the crisis in Syria. It asserted: “no foreign entity can claim representation of the aspirations of any people" and that "solution must be Syrian and by the Syrians themselves”.

"No country or party should be allowed to hijack the future of the Syrian people by feeding and fueling the current war in Syria”, said the letter, affirming that only the Syrians have the right to decide their future.

The SAF Syrian members also said: "We, as Americans of Syrian origin, believe in separating religion from the authority of the state and believe in democracy and the freedom of religions. We are united in the calls for peace and reconciliation aiming at preserving Syria and stopping the killing and destruction in the country.

H. Mustafa