Brahimi hopes to meet jointly Syrian official delegation and "opposition" Monday

GENEVA-The first convoy to reach the northern city of Homs is expected to reach the city as early as Monday, UN Special envoy to Syria,  Lakhdar Brahimi, announced. "So, hopefully, starting tomorrow women and children will leave the old city," Brahimi told  reporters, adding that other civilians will "hopefully leave soon after that."

Brahimi said that the Syrian official  delegation told him that hundreds of tons of medical and food aid will be allowed to enter  into Homs.

It has also been reported that the Syrian government delegation at peace talks in Geneva had announced the authorities would allow women and children to leave the old district of Homs city straight away.

"What we have been told by the government side is that women and children in the area of the old city are welcome to leave immediately," Brahimi told a news conference after talks with government and "opposition" delegations.

Brahimi also said he would meet the two sides jointly on Monday, when they are expected to discuss opposition demands for the creation of a transitional executive body,according to Voice of Russia, RIA, Reuters .