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Brahimi :our ambition is to restore peace and security to Syria

GENEVA, (ST) –"there is terrorism in Syria and that the ambition is to put an end to it, and there is a need to implement  the Geneva1 communiqué, "UN mediator Lakhdar Brahimi told reporters Sunday in Geneva.

Brahimi hoped the negotiations between the Syrian official and "opposition" delegations would continue and achieve results even if the negotiations last for days or even weeks.

"this afternoon we started to speak about humanitarian affairs and we discussed at length the situation in Homs and the old city of Homs,"Brahimi said after meeting delegations from the Syrian government and "opposition "on the second day of Geneva conference.

Brahimi further added :"we hope that ultimately some convoy of aid ,goods, both food and non-food items and some medical supplies will go into the old city.

Tomorrow, he added, the issue of exchanging detainees and abductees and whether something can be achieved in this regards will be discussed.

Brahimi said that every side has expressed its views, adding that "the situation is extremely complex , describing what happened today as a "good beginning".We are moving not in steps ,but even half steps.

He said the ambition is to end the war in Syria and restore peace and safety to the Syrian people.

He highlighted that there is terrorism in Syria and that many countries have deep worries over the spread of this terrorism to other countries, adding that implementing Geneva1 communiqué, which is the "basic issue that we have come here and gathered for", will be discussed.