Saving Syria from Terrorism, says Brahimi

GENEVA, (ST) –UN mediator to Syria LakhdarBrahimisaid Friday that delegations from the Syrian government  and had agreed to meet together in Geneva on Saturday.

Speaking at a press conference in Geneva ,Brahimi  said" I met the delegations of the government and the opposition separately and again today and tomorrow we expect, we have agreed ,that we will meet in the same room,".

Brahimi added that the biggest ambition of the Geneva 2 conference is to save  Syria, hoping that the Syrian government, the opposition and the UN will meet this ambition.

"those who support one or the other of the two sides understand the impending dangers and fulfill their duties of supporting this process, "hopes the international mediator.

Brahimi further underlined  that no-one wants terrorism to continue in Syria except the terrorists themselves, saying that the process of saving Syria includes saving it from terrorism.

Brahimi noted that "Geneva 2 I conference is being  held without preconditions and that the basis are the first Geneva communiqué, noting that there are some reservations over this communiqué and hoping that it would be possible to remove any ambiguity regarding it, "saidBrahimi.