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Turkish Party Condemns air strikes on Syria

The Vice president of the Workers  Party in Turkey, Laseen Ihsanoglu, condemned the recent Israeli bombing against a military scientific research center in Jamrayya, close to the capital.

The political leader assured the attack shows the close ties and cooperation between Israel and Turkey, whose government, the Justice and Development Party of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan Racep, arms and funds opposition groups seeking to overthrow the Syrian government, he remarked.

In an article in the Bakic Olossal Turkish site, which echoed this Saturday the Syrian state televison, Ihsanoglu explained that Tel Aviv and Ankara are allies and that the Israeli aggression revealed this secret alliance.

According to the Turkish party leader, the aggression of January 30, which killed two people and injured five others, cannot be justified in any way or be seen as a transitional border incident.

Ihsanoglu argued that the bombing was the result of the everyday control of the Syrian Arab Army on the country and the failure of the terrorists backed by the government of Erdogan, emphasized the source.


Ahmadinejad unveils Iran’s new low-flyer fighter jet Qaher 313

In the anniversary of Iran's 1979 Revolution, Iranian president unveils indigenous Qaher 313 (Conquer) fighter jet, developed by Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics.

Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi, congratulated the great achievement of Iran, saying that “this is the major breakthrough towards the fulfillment of the Supreme Leader’s insights,” and added “all design and production process of Qaher (Conquer) 313 indigenous fighter jet has been done by Iranian Aerial Defense Industries Organization and their professional scientists,"according to MNA..

In describing the physical characteristics of the Qaher 313, Vahidi said; “this is an advance fighter jet, with enhanced profile and a very small Radar cross section (RCS) and fly-by in low altitude is the most important feature of this fighter.” He also pointed to the need for short runway for taking off and landing of Qaher 313 fighter as another feature.

Brig. Gen. Vahidi outlined the use of advanced materials in aircraft construction and using advance avionics in the Qaher 313 fighter jet cockpit.

Defense Minister also stressed on the payload capabilities and ability to carry the latest indigenous advanced armaments and said “Qaher 313 fighter jet is outstanding symbol of ingenuity, creativity and courage of professional Iranians in Defense Ministry.”


Enemies of Syria endeavor to harm unity of Syrian people

Enemies of Syrian nation endeavor to harm unity of Syrian people, Supreme Leader's representative to Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Hojjatoleslam Ali Shirazi said on Saturday.

He told IRNA that the US pursues sinister goals in Syria.

''In Egypt and Libya, the US backed the puppet governments to thwart the people's aspirations  but in Syria they support terrorists and weaken the Syrian government.''

The US performance in Syria proves that the US politicians are against will of Syrian people but they seek to harm unity between people and government, he said.

He said that since the Syrian government backs Lebanese resistance front such as Hezbollah and Palestinian nation, the enemy tries to destroy Syria.

"If Syrian government  had reconciled with the Zionists, the US would support it,'' he said.

The US is currently supporting a group of brutal terrorists against Syrian people who never hesitate to kill defenseless people, Shirazi said.


Al-Maliki: Israeli aggression on Syria is Insult to all Arabs and Muslims

BAGHDAD,(ST)_ Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki stressed that direct foreign interference in  Syria 's internal became flagrant with the flood of  weapons, funding  and planning and that Syria, should  we comply with its  political system or not,  can not be  the gateway to the Turkish  intervention or an area of influence of an Arab country that can hardly  be seen with a microscope.

In  an interview with al-Maydeen TV Channel  on Friday , al-Maliki added : This type of intervention  which aims  to achieve certain interests in Syria will move to Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and other countries , and this  explains the " emergence  of  moderation  axis which rejects foreign interference in other countries affairs ."

"The new axis which is a reaction to what happened in the Arab region is facing the axis led by Turkey, which began to declare war." Maliki added.

He continued that  that the whole world complains of the Turkish –Qatari axis and that  meetings  were held in Ankara and Doha and other capitals during which they set plans and allocated funds, and often  said  Syria today and  Iraq is tomorrow,  pointing out that the Iraqi government warned Qatar and asked Turkey not to interfere in internal affairs of States.

He made it clear that the intervention that took place in Syria can not be ignored. It is a direct interference in arms, money and planning, media and speaking on behalf of the Syrian people.

"Israeli aggression in Syria is an insult to all Arabs and Muslims." The Iraqi Prime minister stressed.

Al-Maliki further said that "the Israeli entity is exploiting the schism in the Arab world and the situation in Syria to undertake aggressive actions. Israel might attack Iraq, Iran and others under the guise of (attacking) nuclear weapon research centers...

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Six killed in Lebanon army clash with terrorists

Four Lebanese soldiers and two terrorists were killed during clashes in the country's northern Bekaa Valley on Friday after militants attacked a Lebanese army unit, security sources said.

The sources said fighting was continuing in the area, near the northeastern town of Arsal, a region close to the border with Syria where armed groups  are fighting to overthrow the Syrian government.,according to Reuters.

Residents said the clash broke out after the army entered the area to arrest a suspected member of the hardline anti-Syrian government  group Jabhat al-Nusra, who was believed to travel frequently between Lebanon and Syria.

Terrorists have hidden and regrouped in towns and villages on the mountainous Lebanese side of the poorly demarcated border during the revolt, which started with peaceful protests but turned violence after a crackdown.