Antioch Mass Rally in Solidarity with Syria

Antioch (ST) _The  Turkish Peace Association and the World Peace Council on Monday held  a huge mass rally in  Antioch, in solidarity with Syria against  the conspiracy  hatched against it

The rally was attended by a large crowd and a number of deputies representing the People's Party in the Turkish parliament and social figures.

In speeches they delivered, the Participants commended Syria's people and leadership, stressing that Syria is resisting the  global imperialist conspiracy against , with courage and dignity, patience and faith in defending its  independence ,sovereignty and territorial integrity.  

The speakers  pointed out that Syria 's  resistance of the conspiracy  determines the fate of the peoples of the Middle East as a whole. 

The Speakers also stressed that the fate of the region should remain in the hands of its people who will not allow others to control it, stressing unity  and continued  resistance against the imperialist powers and tools in the region  , in  trying dismantle and weaken independent countries .

They  emphasized  that the peoples of the region will fail the conspiracy against Syria, pointing to the need for a world free of colonialism , based on world peace.

 Folk songs  were chanted by the well-known Turkish  Malaz  troupe  and renowned  Turkish artists . 

T. Fateh 


Egyptian Students Set Zionist occupation forces Flag on Fire

Students of the Faculty of Commerce in Egypt's Kafar Sheikh University held a ceremony commemorating the Captives Day.

According to the Egyptian Daily Al-Misri Al-Yawm, they set the Zionist regime's flag on fire.

Tens of the university's students took part in the program, which also included an exhibition showcasing books and photos featuring Palestine and the suffering of the Palestinians held in Zionist regime's jails.

There were also forums held to raise students' awareness about issues related to Palestinians imprisoned by the Zionist regime.

According to human rights groups more than 4,700 Palestinian prisoners are currently being held in "Israeli "prisons.


The Kingdom of Jordan completes betraying Palestine

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran says the Kingdom of Jordan has completed betraying Palestine.

Major Gen. Seyed Hassan Firuzabadi said that Jordan did it with providing the Zionist regime air fighters with its airspace. “Opening the borders of Jordan to Al-Qaeda terrorist fighters to kill Syrian innocent citizens has severely discredited the kingdom in the view of the Muslims,” he added.

Firouzabadi pointed to cooperation between Jordan and Zionist regime and western occupiers. “After awakening of some neighbor countries of Syria, Jordan’s act is indication of miscalculation by Jordan’s officials of situation in the region that cooperates with Al-Qaeda” he asserted.

Member of the Supreme National Security Council said that “while the Arab League believes a political solution for crisis in Syria, Jordan’s conduct is a spoil on Arab world, which threatens Islamic Umma benefits.”

Major Gen. Firouzabadi pointed to the failure of the terrorists in different fronts inside Syria and addressed the political leaders of the countries in the region that “Jordanian leaders are naïve about the Zionist regime’s greedy hands to occupy part of Jordan’s territories.”

Source: Iran daily


Maliki warns of 'plague of sectarianism'

Iraq's prime minister has warned that a plague of sectarianism is threatening Arab nations, after the most widespread violence there since US troops left.

Nouri Maliki said sectarian conflict had returned to Iraq "because it began in another place in this region" .

The violence has left some 170 people dead across the country since Tuesday.

On Saturday, at least five anti-al-Qaeda militiamen and three security forces personnel were killed.

Police said the first attack saw gunmen open fire on a checkpoint near the city of Tikrit manned by members of the local Awakening Council.

Awakening Councils, which were set up to combat insurgents linked to al-Qaeda, have been seen as a key factor in reducing violence across the country since 2006.

In Saturday's second attack, three army intelligence personnel were stopped by gunmen while travelling in a civilian vehicle near an anti-government protest camp in the city of Ramadi, police said.

A gunfight soon erupted, in which the soldiers were killed.

In a televised speech following the latest violence, Prime Minister Maliki condemned sectarianism as an evil that was being brought back to Iraq.

Masked gunman stands next to a vehicle in which three army personnel were killed in Ramadi (27 April 2013) Gunmen killed three soldiers from army intelligence during a gunfight in Ramadi

"Sectarianism is evil, and the wind of sectarianism does not need a license to cross from a country to another, because if it begins in a place it will move to another place," he said.

"Strife is knocking on the doors of everyone, and no-one will survive if it enters, because there is a wind behind it, and money, and plans," he added, without giving details.

Awakening Council chief Sheikh Wissam al-Hardan was meanwhile quoted by state television as saying that if those responsible for killing soldiers in the past week were not handed over, it would "take the requested procedures and do what it did in 2006".

Although the violence is less deadly than that seen during the heights of the insurgency in 2006 and 2007, it is the most widespread since the US military withdrawal in 2011.


Advisor Dismisses Western Allegations about Syria Chemical Arms "Pretext for Intervention"

A senior advisor to the Iranian parliament speaker said that the recent claims raised by the West about alleged use of chemical weapons by Syria is a plot to pave the way for military intervention in Syria.

"They (westerners) are trying to justify their direct military intervention under the pretext of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, the same policy that was followed in Iraq," Hossein Sheikholeslam said,according to FNA.

Noting the West's growing propaganda campaign against Damascus, Sheikholeslam cautioned the Syrian  government to prepare itself for a tough confrontation with foreign military forces.

Meantime, he warned of the dire consequences of any military intervention in Syria, and said, "A foreign military intervention in Syria will blast the region."

"the Syrian government  has enough missiles to take revenge from the Israeli regime,"he concluded.