Britain: Labor Party official sacked because of her indirect criticism of Israel

London (ST): The official in the leadership of the British Labor Party  Rebecca Long-Bailey was subjected to pressure to submit her resignation because of her indirect criticism of the Israeli occupation authorities when she republished a tweet linking between the violations committed by the US police and the repressive measures committed by the Israeli security apparatus. 

The British the Independent Newspaper said that Bailey praised a tweet including an interview by the British actress Maxine Peake in which she affirmed that the US policemen learnt the way they killed the American of African origin George Floyd from the courses they made with Israeli intelligence  officers.

US Treasury Department imposes new unilateral sanctions on Iranian mining companies

Washington (ST):  The US Treasury Department has imposed new unilateral sanctions on a number of Iranian companies working in the mining sector within the framework of the aggressive policy pursued by the US administration against Iran.

Reuters quoted the US Treasury Department as saying that the new coercive measures target eight companies working in the field of steel and metals sector, five of which are affiliated to Mubaraka Steel Company, the main producer of steel products in Iran.

Chinese FM urges just, reasonable solution to Palestine issue

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for a just and reasonable solution to the Palestine issue when delivering a written speech on Wednesday local time at the United Nations (UN) Security Council's video conference over the matter.

The Palestine issue has always been at the core of the Middle East issue and a just and reasonable solution is a prerequisite for the region's lasting peace and security, Wang said, adding China is deeply concerned about the continuing tension between Palestine and Israel recently.

Aoun stresses enhancing the national unity and stability in Lebanon

Beirut, (ST)  - Lebanese President General Michel Aoun renewed the warning about the dangers of falling into discord by exploiting the legitimate demands of the Lebanese people  to generate violence and chaos in an attempt to achieve suspicious foreign agendas.

Aoun stressed in a speech during the national meeting held in Ba’abda Palace today the importance of fortifying peace and stability in Lebanon and adhering to the national unity in facing the "decisive" challenges that the country is experiencing in light of the unstable regional conditions and the dangers arising from the so-called American “Caesar Act”.

The scholars of Jabal Amel Association in Lebanon: “Caesar Act” evidence of the failure of the American-Israeli plan in Syria

Beirut,(ST)-The Association of Scholars of Jabal Amel in Lebanon affirmed that the American coercive measures imposed on Syria, especially the so-called "Caesar Act", are evidence of the failure of the American-Israeli scheme.

The Association said in a statement today, "These unjust American coercive measures came as a result of the inability of the American project and the failure of the terrorist war that was waged against Syria. Therefore, they are trying to subjugate it with the economy, but what America was unable to do with the power of arms it will not be able to achieve with these unfair and tyrannical laws."