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Thousands Attend Palestinian Prisoner's Funeral

Thousands of mourners on Thursday attended the funeral of Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh who died two days earlier in Israeli custody.

A military funeral set off from al-Ahli hospital toward Abu Aished hospital in the Wadi al-Haria area South of the city. The body will be buried in al-Shuhada cemetery in the Southern suburb in Hebron, Ma'an reported.

Hamdiyeh died of cancer in Israeli custody, shortly after being transferred from prison to Soroka hospital in late March suffering from throat cancer which had spread to his spinal cord.

Issa Qaraqe, the Palestinian Authority prisoners minister, said Abu Hamdiyeh's cancer spread because he did not receive treatment earlier.

Clashes erupted in different areas in Hebron, heavily in Tareq Bin Ziyad street in the Southern area of the city where Israeli soldiers detained school students for stone throwing.

Clashes also erupted at al-Aroun refugee camp where Palestinians threw stones. Dozens of Palestinians were suffocated by the gas.

Meanwhile thousands of mourners attended the funeral of the two teenagers that were shot dead by Israeli troops on Wednesday in Tulkarem.


Second Palestinian Dies after Tulkarem Shooting

A teenager identified as Naji al-Balbisi, 18, died after being shot by Israeli forces during clashes near Tulkarem late Wednesday according to Fars News Agency.

A Ma'an reporter said that the Israeli occupation forces kept the body of al-Balbisi for several hours, and then at 4 a.m they handed the body to a Red Crescent ambulance.
The teenager was the second to die after Israeli soldiers shot and killed a youth late Wednesday near a checkpoint in the Tulkarem area of the occupied West Bank, security officials said.
Soldiers in the area opened fire at Amer Nassar, 17, killing him instantly.
Nearly 1,000 people turned out on the streets of Tulkarem in the aftermath. Mourners carried the youth's body as the crowd chanted slogans condemning the attack, a correspondent observed.
The incident came as clashes broke out in the West Bank between Israeli occupation forces  and Palestinians protesting over the death of a prisoner serving a life sentence in an Israeli jail.
Maisara Abu Hamdiyeh was diagnosed with throat cancer and died after serving 10 years of his sentence.
The Palestinian Authority has accused Israel of medical negligence.


Turkish Students Mourn Damascus University Martyrs

ANKARA,(ST)_ Students of the  Turkish Middle East Technical University on Wednesday observed a mourning  pause commemorating  souls of Syrian  students martyred  in  the brutal attack by  terrorists by mortars last Thursday against Damascus University 's  Faculty of Architecture .

The Turkish Suel  Web site, said that the  Turkish students during the pause  which was organized by architects union  at the University and the Architects society  strongly  condemned the  attacks by  the so-called " free army" against the Syrian university students in the course of  a series of terrorist attacks carried out against the Syrian people.

The Turkish Students implanted a symbolic tree in the garden of the university to commemorate the Syrian students and put a pink flower in front of the tree, in the name of every student martyred in the terrorist attack.


T. Fateh

Palestinian prisoners go on hunger strike

Almost 4.6 thousand Palestinian prisoners in 'Israel" refused to eat breakfast on Wednesday.

According to the WAFA news agency, this was their tribute to the memory of an ex-officer of Palestinian security forces who died of throat cancer in prison.

The hunger strike will last for three days, according to Voice of Russia, RIA

The Palestinians believe that the ex-officer died because he did not receive professional medical aid. In this connection, Palestinians tried to organize defiance actions in several prisons. The protests were severely suppressed by the prison authorities.


Maronite Patriarch for Ending Aggressive War on Syria


BEIRUT,(ST)_ Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros  al-Rai renewed  his call provided  to stop armament and the flow of funds so as to end the war of aggression launched against Syria.

During his  meeting with the Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim in Bkirki, al-Rai said : "Syria is always in our prayers to stop massacres against the Syrian people."

Ambassador Abdul Karim ,during the meeting ,congratulated  Patriarch al-Rai on the  Easter.

T. Fateh