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Lebanese president reviews with Syria's Ambassador in Beirut bilateral ties

BEIRUT, (SANA)_ Lebanon's President Michel Aoun received on Wednesday Syria's Ambassador in Beirut Ali Abdulkarim .

The talks between the two sides dealt with bilateral ties and the recent developments at regional and international arenas.

The Syrian ambassador said following the meeting that the talks concentrated on the importance of integration between the two friendly countries.

Israeli occupation forces detained 341 Palestinians including 32 children and 3 women in September 2020

Israeli occupation forces detained 341 Palestinians in September 2020, including 32 children and three women, according to the Palestine Prisoner’s Society (PPS).

PPS announced in a fact sheet, co-authored with the Prisoner’s Affairs Commission, the "Wadi Hilweh" Information Center and the Prisoner Support & Human Rights Association (Addameer), that Israeli forces rounded up 341 Palestinians from the occupied territories, including 32 children and three women.

Sit-ins in several Lebanese areas in protest against poor living conditions

BEIRUT, (ST)- A number of Lebanese areas witnessed on Wednesday several sit-ins organized by the General Confederation of Lebanese Workers in rejection of lifting the subsidies on some basic materials and in protest against poor living conditions.

 The Lebanese National News Agency reported that a number of protestors staged a sit-in in front of the Kuwaiti Embassy in Beirut within the calls made by the Confederation of Workers to reject the policy of removing subsidies on medicine, fuel and wheat. They raised banners calling for putting those who led the country to economic collapse on trial and recovering the stolen money instead of lifting subsidies, increasing taxes, and blocking roads.

Rouhani: America's policies in the region have failed

Tehran,(ST)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani congratulated Iranians over the end of ten years of cruel arms sanctions against the nation and said this will come as a result of Iran's struggle against the US in the past four years.

Addressing the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Rouhani said lifting arms embargo is also the result of the efforts made by the Iranian diplomats.

Iran will be able to buy and sell arms to whoever it desires as of Sunday, he added.

He referred to the catastrophe created by the US in Afghanistan on the pretext of establishing security and said everyone can see there is now  the dangerous situation in Afghanistan.

Czech MPs: EU should sanction the Turkish regime over its aggressive policies in the Middle East

PRAGUE, (ST)- Member of the European Parliament for the Czech Republic Henick Blashinko has called for sanctioning the Turkish regime over its aggressive policies in the Middle East.

“The aggressive policies of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s regime have extended to involve European Union and NATO countries and now these policies have reached the Caucasus through the Turkish regime’s terrible interference in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” Blaschko said in a statement to the Czech “Parliamentary Papers” website on Wednesday.

He criticized the way the European Union deals with the Turkish regime, pointing out that instead of confronting and deterring this regime, the European Union leaves it to do whatever it wants.”

On his part, Ivan David, Member of the European Parliament for the Czech Republic, said that sending a drilling ship to the Greek Kastellorizo Island by Turkey comes a week after the European Union threatened Turkey to impose sanctions on it.