Czech EU parliamentarian calls for holding Erdogan accountable for war crimes in Syria and Iraq

Member of the European Parliament for the Czech Republic Ivan David has called for holding President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan accountable for war crimes in Syria and Iraq.

In an article published by a Czech website called "Your Cause"  on Saturday, David said that Erdogan's regime's continuous attacks against civilians in Syria and Iraq in addition to its acts of smuggling weapons to Libya and violating the airspace of Greece and the regional waters of Cyprus amount to war crimes that he should be held accountable for as soon as possible.

Algerian figures launch initiative to break blockade imposed on Syria

Algiers (ST): A number of Algerian personalities including  Jamilah Bohairad and Lakhdar Bu Roka’a are working to form an Afro-Arab committee for breaking the American and Western blockade being imposed on Syria and send food and medical convoys to Syria.

In a statement titled “ No to Starving Syrian People”, the Algerian personalities called on free people in the world to reject the so-called Caesar Act and stand in confrontation of the US arrogance, noting that the Israeli hegemony, backed by some lackey Arab regimes, were behind Caesar Act.

Scores of Palestinians wounded in anti-settlement demonstration in the West Bank

Occupied Jerusalem (ST):  Scores of Palestinians were injured  and others suffered from suffocation when the Israeli occupation troops repressed the weekly anti-settlement demonstration staged in Kafr Qaddoum .The demonstrators also demanded opening the street of the village, to the east of Qalqilyeh in the West Bank,  which has been closed for 16 years.

Erdogan steps up repressive measures against political opposers

Ankara (ST): The Turkish Judiciary issued today life sentences against 121 citizens claiming that they were involved in the coup attempt that took place in Turkey in July 2016.

Anatolia News Agency said that Ankara court issued life-time prison sentences against 86 citizens accusing them of violating the constitution. Another 35 were also sentenced to life-time prison on the same charges.

Israeli forces of occupation arrest four Palestinians in the West Bank

Occupied Jerusalem (ST):  Israeli forces of occupation arrested today four Palestinians in different parts of the West Bank.

 WAFA News Agency said that the occupation troops attacked the city of Hebron and the towns of Borin to the south of Nablus and Barqa to the north of the city and detained four Palestinians.

Yesterday, the occupation forces arrested five Palestinians in the West Bank.