Iran, International Community Condemn Bahrain’s Execution of Three Activists

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has lashed out at the Bahraini government for executing three Bahriani activists, saying the Manama regime is liable for any consequences of its action.

Bahrain on Sunday executed three activists - Sami Mushaima, Abbas Jamil Tahir al-Sami’ and Ali Abdulshahid al-Singace - over their alleged role in a 2014 bomb attack, amid widespread public anger against the death verdicts, Press TV reported.

10 Daesh-Linked Terrorists Killed in Egypt's Sinai

 Egypt says 10 militants linked to the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group have been killed during a raid on one of their hideouts in the Sinai Peninsula.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry said in a statement that the militants opened fire on security forces as they drew nearer to their hideout in a deserted house in the city of el-Arish, the provincial capital and the largest city of North Sinai, on Friday, Press TV reported.

Iran Urges Helping Syria Reconstruction Unconditionally

TEHRAN– Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari called for international aid for Syria without any preconditions, saying such help should be accompanied by the fight against terrorism and by Syrian-Syrian talks for settling the crisis.

Speaking at a meeting with Secretary General of European External Action Service (EEAS) Helga Schmid in Brussels on Wednesday, Jaberi Ansari underscored that humanitarian aid for Syria and reconstruction of the war-torn country should take place without any preconditions, according to the Tasnim News Agency.

Rouhani Stresses Need for Anti-Terror Fight

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has underlined the need for a campaign against terrorism, which he described as a menace to the entire world, according to Press T.V. 

The Iranian president made the remark during a meeting with Afghanistan's Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah in Tehran on Wednesday.

Rouhani said security, political stability and national unity could lay the groundwork for Afghanistan’s development and prosperity.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will spare no effort to assist the Afghan government and nation, he said, adding that Iran would continue to stand by Afghanistan.

Saudi Campaign Has Killed 1,400 Yemeni Kids, UNICEF Says

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) says nearly 1,400 children have been killed in the ongoing deadly Saudi campaign against Yemen.

Meritxell Relano, UNICEF's representative in Yemen, said on Wednesday that hundreds more had been injured and many schools closed since March 2015, when Saudi Arabia started its campaign.

"Attacks on civilian areas continue to kill and injure scores of children in Yemen," Relano said, adding, "Instead of learning, children are witnessing death, war and destruction."

Relano said the actual casualty toll was likely to be much higher than the verified figures. She said that some 2,000 schools across Yemen can no longer be used because they have been damaged, destroyed or are used as shelters or for military purposes.