Jordanian lawyers: Coercive measures imposed on Syria are terrorism

 A delegation of Jordanian lawyers have denounced the unilateral American coercive measures imposed on Syria, especially the so-called Caesar Act, stressing that it is economic terrorism that violates all international laws and targets the Syrian people.

A delegation from the lawyers of the Amman -based Palace of Justice, headed by Attorney Asif Musa Barghash, visited the Syrian Embassy on July 5.

Barghash stressed solidarity with the Syrian people and army in the face of these unjust measures that came as a result of the Syrian rejection of American dictates.

France: Israel’s schemes of annexing Palestinian lands violate international law

 French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian reaffirmed that the plans of the Israeli occupation to annex parts of the West Bank violate international law and will not pass without consequences.

"France is still committed to working for achieving a just and permanent settlement to the conflict, which is based on a two-state solution in accordance with international law and agreed standards. France will continue to act against any measures that would undermine the conditions for resuming negotiations, ” Le Drian addressed today  to Secretary of the Executive committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization Saeb Erekat.

Algeria buries 24 Algerian fighters

On July 5, the anniversary of its independence, Algeria buried the remains of 24 anti- French colonial fighters , who were brought from France, at a state funeral that reflects the sacrifices of these heroes.

According to the Algerian News Agency, the funeral procession was launched from the Culture Palace in Algiers with the participation of President Abdel Majid Tabounand. The remains of the martyrs were placed on military vehicles decorated with flowers before heading to their last resting place in the cemetery after the colonial France forcibly deprived them of their natural and human right to bury them in their home land.

This cemetery located in the eastern suburb of the capital includes the martyrs square of the Algerian revolution, where the body of Prince Abdel Qader Al-Jazaery lies-  a symbol of  resistance to colonialism and prominent figures who participated in the liberation revolution between 1954 and 1962.

On July 4, the remains of 24 Algerian resistance fighters against the French colonialism arrived in the Algerian Airport of Houari Boumediene.

O. al-Mohammad

Solidarity stands with Syria in the Lebanese Bekaa rejecting the so-called Caesar Act

Beirut, (ST) - Lebanese national and food related parties and forces in the Bekaa region have implemented a solidarity stand with Syria in Chtoura Square today, and against the so-called “Caesar Act” of the United States.

The speeches during the sit-in stressed the importance of the distinguished relations between Syria and Lebanon and the necessity of strengthening and returning these relations to their previous times and opening the Syrian-Lebanese borders and crossings between the two brotherly countries in the framework of facing the American blockade and the forced measures imposed on Syria and Lebanon.

Israeli enemy renews its violations of Lebanese airspace

Beriut, (ST) - Israeli enemy renews its violation of Lebanese airspace, flying over several Lebanese regions.

The National Media Agency reported that Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace in the southern regions at low altitude and flew over the areas of Hasbaya, Arqoub Rashaya, West Bekaa, Shebaa Farms, and over the villages and towns of Marjayoun.

Israeli warplanes also flew over the Keserwan, al-Maten, Aleheh reaching East Beqaa before leaving towards the occupied Arab territories.

The Lebanese Army Command announced yesterday that seven Israeli anti-Lebanese aircraft violated Lebanese airspace.