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Key ISIS leader killed in Cairo

Egyptian Interior Ministry has announced today that a Key ISIS leader was killed a shooting-out in Cairo.

Ashraf al-Gharabli, a Key leader in the 'Bait al-Maqdes' organization which is affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS], was killed during a shooting-out in Cairo, the ministry said, indicating that he was involved in an attack on the Italian Consulate one month ago.

Zarif: Extremism, security threat to whole world

Tehran– Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday extremism and sectarianism resulted from the wrong policies adopted by the regional players are considered as security threat to the entire world.

Zarif made the remarks at a meeting of governors of the provinces, ambassadors as well as heads of chambers of commerce and free zones in the country.

Zarif described the today meeting as an opportunity for the participants and the Iranian envoys stationed abroad to discuss issue of cooperation in this critical situation, according to IRNA.

Rouhani: Iran to Modernize Arak Nuclear Reactor

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran is going to modernize the reactor in Arak with more advanced equipment in the future, IRNA reported.

Talking at the opening ceremony of the 21st Press and News Agencies Exhibition here on Sunday, he said it is a matter of national pride for Iran that it succeeded in safeguarding its inalienable rights and even go one step further to demand modernization of Arak nuclearplant.

Iran has further asked the so-called group of P5+1 countries (including US, Russia, China, UK, France and Germany) to introduce their latest technologies into Iran’s nuclear activities, he said.

18 Palestinians injured, others suffocated in Tulkarm clashes

TULKARM, (ST) – At least 18 Palestinians have been injured during clashes with Israeli forces inside the campus of the Palestine Technical University (Kadoorie) in Tulkarm, the Palestinian news agency (WAFA)says.

It clarified that 3 Palestinians were injured with live rounds and 15 others with rubber-coated metal bullets in today's clashes.

Further Palestinians, mostly university students, also suffocated due to the excessive use of teargas by the Israeli army to disperse the protestors.

Arab workers unions discuss counterterrorism and immigration

BAGHDAD, (ST) _ The General Federation of Arab Workers Unions has held a symposium entitled 'War on terrorism and reduction of immigration' in Iraq's capital, Baghdad, with the participation of Syrian delegation.

The speakers in the symposium held today talked about the relation between counterterrorism and immigration that face the Arab communities.