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Iranian Lt . Gen: U.S. and Zionist Plans to Undermine Syria Failed




TEHRAN, (ST)_ " All Zionist conspiracies targeting Syria 's  security and stability and to bring down the regime in Syria failed ",  said the Commander General of the Islamic Revolution Guards Lt. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari ,  pointing out that the enemies are disappointed   over  the possibility of overthrowing the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The Jafari  explained during a graduation ceremony of a new Iranian military patch  that the Iranian people  will be victorious on all external pressures, thanks to their steadfastness and defiance.

He said that the task of the  Islamic Revolution forces  is to preserve the gains of the Islamic Revolution, adding that based on this fact these forces  closely monitor events in the region and the world to deter conspiracies targeting the Iranian people
Jafari underestimated  the importance of the threats frequently  launched against Iran, denying the possibility of launching any foreign attack against it .


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Turkish Unions Protest against Erdogan's Policies on Syria




On Saturday, the Revolutionary Federation of Trade Unions, the Private Sector Employees, the Architects Chambers Federation, the Doctors Syndicates Federation as well as a number of other social, cultural, and political parties and organizations staged protests in cities across Turkey.

Protesters, accusing the Turkish premier of being an agent of the United States, demanded an end to his meddlesome involvement in Syria.

Secretary General of the Trade Unions Federation Ismail Hakki Tombul also accused Turkey of caving under US pressure and turning into a military base for regional wars.

Tombul further said that the policies being practiced by the Turkish government incite sectarianism and hatred within Turkey itself, while also burdening the Turkish people with rising taxes and costs of living.

Tensions have been running high between Damascus and Ankara, with Syria accusing Turkey along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar of backing a deadly insurgency that has claimed the lives of many Syrians, including security and army personnel.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011.




Naom Chomsky: My visit to Gaza contributes in ending the Israeli blockade

American scholar and activist Noam Chomsky expressed delight for finally being able to visit Gaza after many attempts to enter it by land and through Solidarity ships.

On Thursday, Chomsky arrived in Gaza where he was scheduled to attend the International English Language conference, at Gaza's Islamic University

Chomsky stressed that his visit contributes to breaking the siege on Gaza, during a reception held by the Islamic University to welcome the delegation composed of academics from America, France, Britain and Canada, who arrived in Gaza on Thursday to partake in the first International English Language Conference in language, literature and linguistics.

He said that he was engaged in defending the Palestinian people and talking about their ordeal over the past seventy years.

Chomsky said that in May 2010, the Israeli regime- occupation authorities-  barred him from entering the occupied West Bank where he was to deliver a lecture at a Palestinian university. He finally had to broadcast his speech via video link from neighboring Jordan.

The head of the university's administrative board and head of the Popular Committee against the Siege, MP Jamal al-Khudari, stressed that the arrival of the delegation proves to the occupation that the Palestinian people is being supported by all the free world.

For his part, head of the Islamic University, Dr. Kamalin Shaath, welcomed the delegation, stressing that the university has always sought to open the horizons of cooperation with the outside community, despite all the difficulties faced by Gaza; most notably the siege and the Israeli attacks.

The American professor entered Gaza through the Rafah crossing in coordination with Egyptian authorities and he is scheduled to tour refugee camps during his visit.

Professor Chomsky was born in 1929. He is well-known for his linguistic, philosophical and critical academic output in the field of language, literature, politics, philosophy and sociology. He is also famous for his intellectual and extremely vocal opposition to US foreign policy, as well as his criticism of the Israeli occupation.

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Occupation Forces Broke into Estelle Humanitarian Aid Ship




Israeli occupation naval forces broke into the Finnish-flagged Estelle Boat, bound to Gaza Strip, Saturday.

The Estella carries on board humanitarian aid including medicine, food and building materials.

The Estella was forced by Israeli occupation navy into Ashdod Port, according to the humanitarian boat organizers.

17 passengers are on board the Estelle, including five parliamentarians from Europe and a former Canadian lawmaker.

Israeli occupation troops stormed in May 2010, into the Turkish Marmara Flotilla, and killed nine Turkish peace activists.

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Car explosion at Sasssine Square : 3 killed and 10 wounded




BEIRUT, (ST)_  At least three people were killed and 10 others wounded in an explosion in the Beirut neighborhood of Ashrafieh Friday.

The explosion of a car , according to the Lebanese Daily Star, took place at the Sassine Square, around 3 p. m., and caused  huge plumes of smoke.

Lebanese MTV satellite station pointed out that at least seven cars were set ablaze as a result of the blast.


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