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Syria Targeted by Enemies,says Nasralla

BEIRUT, (ST) – In a speech aired on al-Manar TV channel on Sunday on the 10th of Muharam,Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah  made it clear  that Syria is targeted by its enemies on more than one level, calling for ending violence and bloodshed to keep unified and recover for taking its key position in the region again.

Nasrallah said that many say that the main title of Ashura is defending the oppressed, and in Syria today the oppressed are its people as a whole, its army and its entity because Syria is targeted on more than one level.

"Last year, we said that there are legitimate rights of reform and there are those who accept these rights…today defending the oppressed in Syria is represented by the call for ending fight and bloodshed to keep Syria unified and in order to recover,"asserted Nasralla.

Nasrallah stressed that there are those who are tempering with the security of the region to serve the Zionist enemy, warning of the danger of transforming enemies to friends.

Hezbollah Secretary General said that the attempts to present the Zionist entity as a friend in the region and Iran as an enemy are hopeless …all those who present Iran as an enemy are servants to after day it becomes obvious for the Arab and Moslem people that Iran is a friend of the Arabs and the Moslems…when Iran supports resistance movements , it fulfills its duty, stemming from its faithful and strategic position.

"I draw Arabs' attention that all those who try to present Iran as an enemy are Israel's servants whether they knew it or not," he said, adding that the US-Zionist project in the region threatens the region's people and sanctities, dignity and religions.

Nasrallah congratulated the Palestinian resistance in Gaza on the victory over the Zionist entity, saying " this is a real victory no matter how some sides tried to question it, as they did in July 2006's victory and Gaza former victory.

"Palestine is our central issue and it will always be, as there is nothing that can preclude man from his faith…there are some sides that attempt through stirring seditions to put psychological barriers between the Arab people and Palestine, but I say to everyone that Palestine is part of our faith and responsibility," he added.

 Nasrallah addressed the Arab and Islamic governments, saying "Palestine and Gaza do not need your visit and love only, rather they are in need for your weapons, money and real support… Gaza deserves it because it is victory maker, whose victory has confirmed that Israel is weaker than  a spider web."

 He said " If Israel had been shaken and confused by few Fajr-5 missiles that rocked Tel Aviv in eight days, how would Israel  bear  thousands of rockets that will fall on Tel Aviv  if it attempted to attack Lebanon.

 Nasralla  renewed his support to people of Bahrain in their peaceful movement despite all the attacks, arrest campaigns and killing acts by the Bahraini authorities.


Larijani: Deployment of Patriot Missiles in Turkey Aggravates Problems




TEHRAN,(ST)_ "The decision taken by NATO to deploy Patriot missiles in Turkey leaves  negative effects in the region and exacerbate problems, said Speaker of the Iranian Parliament  Ali Larijani on Sunday .

 In a statement at  Mehrabad Airport , following  a regional tour which included Syria, Lebanon and Turkey, Larijani added that he had  stressed to  the Turkish officials he met in  Ankara that the deployment of NATO Patriot missiles in Turkey have negative consequences for the entire region and  will aggravate its problems , noting  that he discussed with Turkish officials the crisis in Syria , ways to solving it and  bilateral relations between the two countries.

 Larijani added, "We had almost reached  common views over key  regional issues, including means of settling the events in Syria". 

 He called on security officials in  countries of  the region to convene  continuous and ongoing meetings  in order to solve the crisis in Syria.


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Workers Party (Turkey) Denounces Turkish Government’s Request to Deploy Patriot Missiles on Syrian – Turkish Borders

ANKARA, (ST)_ “The patriot missiles to be installed on Syrian - Turkish Borders aimed at achieving the “Grand Middle East” project concerning dividing the countries of the region, not to protect the security of Turkey as Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims” Osman Yilmaz, Workers’ Party (Turkey) Chairman said.

“The continuous crisis in Syria is due to the exportation of the terrorism to Syria by Erdogan’s Government” Yilmaz added in a statement to “ulusal bakis” website on Saturday.

“Erdogan and Gul are considered as a significant threat to the integrity of Turkey in addition to the security and stability of the region's countries, including Syria” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Workers’ Party (Turkey) Deputy Chairman Bullent Estinoglu praised the insistence of the Syrian people and their leadership to defend Syria as the western countries are paving the way for foreign intervention.

In an article published yesterday in “Akşam” newspaper, the journalist İsmail Küçükkaya affirmed that the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is sparing no effort to coordinate and cooperate with Egypt under the patronage of the US so as to carry out the strategies determined by the “triangle” Saudi Arabia - Qatar and Turkey believing that he (Erdogan) will ensure his future throughout these relations.

Ibrahim Zaaboub

Nasrallah, Larijani review latest regional developments

BEIRUT, (S.T)_ Hezbollah's Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah received on Friday evening Iran's parliament speaker Ali Larijani and the accompanying delegation.

The consultation meeting's talks dealt with recent political developments in region, particularly in Syria, Lebanon and the occupied Palestine. According to statement of the Hezbollah's Press Relations.

Iran's Ambassador to Beirut Ghadanfar Roken Abadi attended the meeting.

Larijani'svisit to Beirut is pat of a regional tour. The first stop was Damascus where he held talks with President Bashar Al-Assad and Syrian officials.


Patriarch Rai Created As a Cardinal in Vatican

VATICAN, (ST)_ Lebanon’s Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rai was created as a cardinal along with other five cardinals during a ceremony presided by Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican on Saturday.

Pope Benedict XVI promoted Patriarch Rai to the rank of cardinal, The National News Agency of Lebanon reported.

Pope Benedict XVI took the universality of the Church as the theme of his allocution to the participants in the Consistory.


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