Restoring Control over Aleppo a Great Achievement for Syria, Resistance: Ex-Lebanese President

 BEIRUT, (ST)- Former Lebanese President Emil Lahhoud has stressed that regaining all Aleppo neighborhoods to the Syrian state's control is a great achievement for Syria, as a leadership, people and army and for its allies in resistance.

Shamkhani: Occupation is West Asian only critical body in nature

Tehran– Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said on Sunday that Israel is West Asian only critical body in nature and none of the neighboring countries is regarded as threat to Iran except for the Zionist regime.

'None of the neighboring and west Asian countries, except the Zionist regime, is regarded as security threat to Iran,' Shamkhani told the First International Conference on Security opened in Tehran Sunday, according to IRNA.

He said that internal despotism, hegemony and foreign aggression are fundamental causes of regional crises.

Shamkhani highlighted significance of democracy as supporter of national security by partnership of different social layers in determining the fate of a nation and democratic transition of of power in regional states respecting the votes of democratic elections.

US and Its Allies Fueling Wave of Terror in Middle East: Analyst

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says the chaos in the Middle East has its roots in a “strategic mistake” by major powers and regional players, which are using terrorism as a tool to pursue their agenda. He has also criticized a lack of “political vigilance” in regional nations, particularly their young generations, as another factor fueling instability in the region, according to Press TV.

Michael Springmann, author of “Visas for Al Qaeda” believes the United States and its regional allies are the ones, who have been fueling the wave of terror in the Middle East, adding that they have essentially recruited, trained and supported the terrorists. 

Two Istanbul Blasts Kill at least 13, Injure Dozens

At least 13 people were reportedly killed, and several dozens more injured in two separate blasts which allegedly targeted Turkish security forces in the vicinity of Besiktas stadium in Istanbul, according to RT.

The explosion killed at least 13 people, Reuters reported, citing security sources.

According to the Interior Minister, Suleyman Soylu, two separate explosions happened, one outside the stadium and another one near Macka Park. Turkish broadcaster NTV cited the minister as saying that one of the blasts was a suicide bomb. The blast outside the stadium happened at around 10:30pm local time, more than an hour after the end of the match.

Iraqi Special Forces Win Back 3 Districts in Eastern Mosul

 Iraqi government forces have established full control over three more neighborhoods in the eastern quarter of Mosul as they try to drive Takfiri Daesh terrorists out of the northern city in joint operations with allied fighters and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, Press T.V reported.

On Friday, Iraqi Special Operations Forces managed to liberate the neighborhoods of Adl, al-E’lam and al-Ta’mim in the eastern part of Mosul, located some 400 kilometers north of the capital Baghdad, and raised the national Iraqi flag over a number of buildings there, Arabic-language al-Forat news agency reported.

Scores of Daesh members were killed and injured during the fierce exchanges of gunfire between government forces and the extremists.