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Erdogan Regime Committed Crimes against Humanity in Syria and Iraq- Former Turkish Minister

ANKARA, (ST)-Ufuk Soylemez, former state minister in the Turkish government, has stressed that the Turkish regime led by Recepe Tayyib Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party have committed crimes against humanity in Syria and Iraq, reiterating that Erdogan’s behavior and acts have nothing to do with Islam instructions.

In a statement to the Turkish “Ulusal Kanal” on Sunday, Soylemez said “the past few years have clearly proved the involvement of Erdogan, his family and his relatives in financial and moral corruption cases. They also proved that Erdogan and his supporters don’t have enough understanding of Islam.”

Zarif: US Occupation of Iraq, Root Cause of Terrorism in ME

TEHRAN-Iran’s Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif has stressed that the terrorism which is now hitting Syria and Iraq and spreading in the region and the world is caused by the US occupation of Iraq.

 Zarif was commenting on remarks made by the US Secretary of State John Kerry in which he alleged that “Tehran is destabilizing the Middle East”.

Nilesat's Blocking of "al-Manar TV" Broadcast a Response to Zionist Dictates

TEHRAN, (ST)- The Nilesat’s decision to block the Lebanese "al-Manar TV" Broadcast was a response to the Zionist dictates, the Islamic Radio and Television Union (IRTVU) stressed in a statement on Saturday.

Condemning the unfair decision, the IRTVU said  blocking al-Manar TV  was an attempt to silence the voice of resistance against the Zionist domination schemes and the takfiri project in the region.

Intl. community needs to be serious in fighting terror: Iran FM

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says certain countries that “talk a lot” about fighting terrorism and extremism should be engaged seriously in the battle against the scourges.

“The international community will need to learn, particularly those who talk a lot about fighting extremism [and] terrorism,... that they need to be serious, they need to act rather than simply take political decisions in dealing with that,” Zarif told Russia's TASS news agency in an interview published on Friday.

Iran's Missile Might Non- Negotiable, Says Jazayeri

Tehran-   Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri said that Iran will strongly cut off hands of intruders pointing at the country's missile capabilities.

The country's diplomatic apparatus should take timely and decisive stands in dealing with the cheekiness of the US officials, he said.

'Once again I reiterate that Iran's missile might is non-negotiable and is regarded as the country's red line and any hands to be stretched to its defense capability will be cut off,' he said.