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Groups Discuss occupation forces Violation with Europeans

Journalists and human rights groups Monday discussed with members of the Middle East committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) the prisoners issue, human rights violations and the status of Palestinian journalists.

During the meeting, which was held at the Legislative Council in Ramallah, the Palestinian delegation briefed PACE members on the prisoners issue and the need to highlight their worsening conditions.

Sahar Francis, director of the Prisoners Support and Human rights Association ‘Addameer’, said that the prisoners’ issue must be emphasized in future negotiations and “prisoners should be released as a sign of good will.”

Al-Haq director, Shawan Jabarin, called for a re-evaluation of the status quo and insisted that the European Union must ban settlement products from entering European markets and pressure Israel to change its policies.

Palestinian journalists briefed PACE on Israeli violation of their right for free movement and access to information.

They spoke of Israel’s policy of targeting journalists and the most recent arrest of cartoonist Muhammad Sabaaneh. They highlighted as well imprisonment of Palestinian Legislative Council members.

PACE members informed the attendees that they are currently drafting a report on the topic of administrative detention.


Saudi Terrorist Arrested in Yemen

An al-Qaeda-linked Saudi terrorist was arrested in Yemen's Southern province of Abin after heavy armed clashes.

According to a report by al-Tagheer news agency, the Saudi terrorist who is a member of Ansar al-Sharia' group, an al-Qaeda branch in Yemen, was arrested after armed clashes near the city of Zanjebar.

The report quoted a source at Yemen's pro-army popular tribal committees as saying that the committees' forces attacked a farm near Zanjebar and clashed with 6 al-Qaeda elements and finally arrested the Saudi terrorist.

Another Saudi terrorist leader was also killed in Yemen earlier this year. Top Al-Qaeda terrorist Said Ali al-Shihri was the terrorist organization's No. 2 in the area. Shihri, a Saudi national, had been wounded in a raid by the local army and died a few days later,according to FNA.


New Clashes Erupt at Egypt's Qalioubiya Church, One Killed

CAIRO- One person was killed and 14 injured in clashes between protesters and police forces at Mar Girgis Church in Qalioubiya, north of Cairo, late Sunday, Ahram Online website said.

The Egyptian health ministry announced Monday that one person was killed by gunshot and was transferred to the Al-Khanka Hospital morgue. The identity of the deceased has yet to be revealed.

Fourteen were injured in the clashes in the Qalioubiya town of Al-Khasous and were taken to hospitals for treatment. 

The clashes in Qalioubiya coincided with an attack by unknown assailants on a funeral at Cairo's main Coptic Cathedral, Abbasiya district, for four people that had been killed in earlier clashes in Al-Khosous.

Violence at the funeral resulted in two deaths and at least 90 injuries.

Clashes in Qalioubiya, north of Cairo, have now subsided, according to the website.

Hundreds of mourners were attending the funeral in the Cairo cathedral for four victims who were killed in violence in Al-Khosous in the early hours of Saturday.


Backing Terrorism in Syria will Rebound Negatively on Supporters - Lahyan

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hussein Amir Abdul Lahyan   stressed  that continued support of certain regional and Western countries to terrorism in Syria and killing of the Syrian people  will rebound negatively on them and will not achieve their objectives.

During a meeting on Sunday with Syria's Ambassador to Tehran  Adnan Mahmoud , Lahyan  explained that the only way to resolve the crisis in Syria is to compel regional states to stop the flow of militants ,  arms and terrorist  across their borders  so as to stop violence and move towards a comprehensive national dialogue among  Syrians.

He reiterated his country support to the Syrian government's  efforts to restore security and stability , to  fight against terrorism and continue dialogue between Syrian people 's  different spectrums.


He also stressed  that the Arab League's decision to hand over Syria 's seat  to Doha  coalition and support terrorist groups with weapons ended the AL role  and made it a party to the war on Syria, pointing out that Syria's enemies could not break the resistance axis Syria foreheads in the region.    

The Syrian ambassador appreciated Iran's support for the Government and people of Syria, pointing continued efforts to provide all elements of steadfastness for  the Syrian people in countering the  blatant war they undergo since more than two years.


T. Fateh

Yemenis Voiced Solidarity With Syria

Hundreds of Yemeni citizens crowded in the downtown of Ibb  province on Sunday  in solidarity with the Syrian leadership , people and army  against the US-Zionist, Qatari, Turkish and Western aggression  since two years .

The participants in the march of solidarity, organized by Yemeni  youth , people and national  organizations  stressed during their gathering in front of the local authority building  in the province, voiced  their stand with the Syrian people , leadership and the Syrian Arab Army in  face of all conspiracies hatched against Syria , commending Syria 's steadfastness before  all schemes aimed at dismantling the Arab world and silencing  the voice of resistance.


The Participants stressed that the Arab League (AL) and its representatives becomes an operation room run by Israeli and U.S. intelligence to discredit Syria 's resistant  role in the region .

They  also stressed that Syria is a Yemeni Arab  issue par excellence and  that standing with Syria is a national ,moral and religious  duty , calling on  the Yemeni government to stop the flow of terrorists from Yemen to fight in Syria.

The participants stressed that Syria is the warm hug for every Arab resistance fighters and honorable nation and for this :" we declare solidarity with Syria in the  face of Western conspiracy ".

The participants  also stressed that Syria  pays  for supporting resistance , addressing imperialist schemes and refusal to bargain at the expense of the nation 's  rights, sovereignty and dignity, expressing faith in Syria 's  ability to  achieve victory against conspirators .


T. Fateh