Lebanese FM praises Russia’s position on Syria

Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour has praised Russia’s position on Syria. In an interview with the “Voice of Russia” he said that Russia had a well-balance position aimed at peaceful settlement of the crisis in Syria. He said that the crisis could be resolved only through negotiations without use of weapons.

In response to the question of the Voice of Russia correspondent about Beirut’s point of view on Russia's role in the Middle East, the Minister noted:

Moscow has always been on the side of the Arab nations and has always defended our interests at the international arena. Russia is capable of many things, and our region pins great hopes on it. In particular, today Russia plays a major role in the solution of the crisis in Syria. This is a truly balanced position, aimed at peaceful resolution of the Syrian political crisis .


Abdullahian Reiterates Iran's Firm Support to Syrian People, Government

 TEHRAN, (ST) - Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hosein Amir Abdullahian has held the U.S. and Western countries responsible for killing the Syrian people, destroying their institutions and destabilizing the entire region, because of their open and full support to terrorists in Syria.

During his meeting on Tuesday with the Syrian Ambassador to Iran Adnan Mahmoud, Abdullahian underlined Iran's firm support to the Syrian people and government in the face of Western and American schemes.

He confirmed that "the sole way to end the ongoing crisis in Syria is national dialogue between the government and the opposition parties which believe in dialogue and peaceful solution and which abandon terrorism and reject foreign intervention in Syria."

 "Twenty months after the war on Syria, it has been proved to all that the Syrian people are still adherent to their national options under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad to build future Syria and maintain the country's national unity and sovereignty," Abdullahian said, pointing out that Syria's enemies won't achieve their goals as they have adopted the wrong path.

 For his part, Ambassador Mahmoud said the development of bilateral ties, particularly in economy and trade, and investing all available potentials to overcome the economic war and the unjust sanctions imposed on both countries, tops the priorities of the governments of Syria and Iran.

Mahmoud, who highly appreciated Iran's supportive stances toward Syria, referred to the tangible results of the Iranian government's decision to allow the access of Syrian goods into the Iranian markets.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Masoud Jaza'eri affirmed that America, the Zionist entity and Arab reactionaries will pay for the blood being shed in Syria.   

In a statement, published by the Iranian news Agency (IRNA), Jaza'eri said that Western countries and the reactionary regimes in the region are trying to distort and exaggerate the reality of events in Syria.

"Life in many areas is normal. The people and the government are working together to surpass this critical era despite the terrorist acts perpetrated by Syria's enemies," Jaz'eri said.

He added that forming armed terrorist groups in Syria comes within the framework of psychological war scenarios, stressing that the enemies' attempts to undermine the axis of resistance under the name of Islam, are destined to failure.


H. Moustafa

Lahoud : Syria Remains Steadfast Against Enemies

 BEIRUT,(ST)_ Former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud, stressed that Syria will  remain  a steadfast castle and the Syrian state is still coherent with all its components and unwavering stand  under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad.

In a statement, Lahoud said that the Syrian leadership will find solutions to the crisis , mainly imported from abroad , as events in Syria  have inclined to a terrorist orientation instigated and financed by a hateful outside.

" The one who sows terror reaps terrorism and Syria, the state will emerge victorious; no matter how long  its cruel ordeal and the world will discover the volume  of the massive damage inflicted by terrorist groups upon humans and  the stone, under the alleged banner of reform." Lahoud  said.


 T. Fateh

Iran criticizes Turk officials’ adventurist remarks

FM Spokesman denounced recent remarks by officials in Erdugan government as false, and called for self-restraint and cooperation by both countries to solve regional crises,according to MNA.

Ramin Mehmanparast, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman, during a visit to Turkey, had meeting with Murat Karakaya, general manager of the Turkish Prime Ministry’s Press and Information Office on Monday evening.

Mehmanparast stated the official position of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Syria as ‘opposing western intervention in Syria and fostering regional cooperation’ in solving crises.

“Cessation of hostilities and providing conditions for national dialogue, and fair and democratic elections is the solution for Syria. Current instability and escalating violence is in line with the interests of Zionist regime and western countries,” he asserted.

He also called for more vigilance by countries in the region on western demands and added that the leaders of the region should take necessary cares that their actions would not provide the pretext for pro-Zionist western intervention in the region.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman denounced the remarks by some Turk authorities as false and emphasized on the importance of the cooperation by democratic means rather than controversial statements.


Archbishop Matar Criticizes foreign meddling in Syria

Archbishop of Beirut for the Maronites Paul Matar praised the Islamic Republic of Iran's six-point peace plan for resolving the ongoing crisis in Syria,according to IRNA.

Matar made the remarks in a meeting with Iran's Ambassador to Beirut Ghazanfar Roknabadi.

"We believe that negotiation is the sole way to settle the crisis in Syria," he said, calling for an immediate end to violence in Syria.

Criticizing foreign meddling in Syria, he noted the Syrian nation should decide their own destiny through participation in national dialogue and 2014 elections.

Analyzing Iran's six-point peace plan for resolving the crisis in Syria, Ghazanfari, for his part, said the Islamic Republic believes that negotiation is the only way to settle the ongoing crisis in Syria.