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Head of Al-Azhar: ISIL ’Criminals’ Serve Zionist Plot to Destroy Arab World

The head of the Islamic Institute in Cairo, Al-Azhar, said Monday that "jihadists" of ISIL were "criminals" serving a "Zionist" plot to "destroy the Arab world."

"These criminals have been able to transmit to the world a tarnished and alarming image of Muslims," Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb said.

"These fundamentalist terrorist groups, whatever their names, and their backers are colonial creations that serve Zionism in its plot to destroy the Arab world."

ISIL Using US-Made Saudi-Supplied Weapons

The ISIL Takfiri militants, who are wreaking havoc on Iraq and Syria, are using US-made weapons supplied to them through Saudi channels, a new report says.

The study, conducted by the London-based small-arms research organization Conflict Armament Research, documented arms captured by Kurdish forces from militants over a period of 10 days toward the end of July.

US “Not Serious” in Fight Against ISIL, Says Zarif

Iran accused the United States on Sunday of not taking the threat from ISIL militants in Iraq and Syria seriously, and charged that US aid had previously helped the Takfiri militants.

"There is still no serious understanding about the threat and they (the United States) have as yet taken no serious action," Foreign Minister Mohammad JavadZarif said in an interview with IRIB on Sunday morning.

US has not been serious in fighting ISIL which roots in their double standards; the US supported ISIL back in Syria and now they want to fight them in Iraq,” he added, according to Mehr news agency.

Iraq Needs International Aid, Not Presence of Foreign Military, Says Masum

Iraq needs qualified international aid, not the presence of foreign military to combat the Islamic State (IS) militants, Alsumaria TV reported, citing Iraqi President FuadMasum.

Palestinians Begin Documentation of Zionist Regime'sCrimes in Gaza

Gaza – A number of Palestinian human rights centers began providing documents about the Zionist regime's crimes during its 51-day-long invasion on Gaza Strip in order to bring the case into the international courts, it was reported here Saturday.