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Bahraini Opposition Blasts Al-Khalifa's Aid to Terrorists in Syria

TEHRAN- Bahrain's Democratic Assembly censured the Al-Khalifa regime for extending non-stop support and aid to the terrorists fighting against the Syrian government.

Speaking during an interview with Al-Alam TV Network, Secretary General of Bahrain Democratic Assembly Fazel Abbas lambasted the Manama regime for supporting terrorists in Syria, and said, "Even some (pro-government) members of the Bahraini parliament have demanded overt support for terrorism in Syria."

Abbas said some Bahrainis have been among the terrorists killed in Syria, and pointed out that their departure to the war zone in Syria needed coordination which could have been done only by officials in power in Manama.

He said pro-government preachers in Bahrain encourage the) youth to join the terrorist al-Nusra Front affiliated to the al-Qaeda network.

Abbas warned the Manama regime that it would soon regret its fervent support for terrorist groups in Syria, saying that "these terrorists will soon return to Bahrain and initiate events which took place in Afghanistan".


“It is Al-Quds…It will never be "Yerushalem” campaign kicks off in Cairo

CAIRO- Al-Quds international institution initiated its global campaign “It is Al-Quds…It will never be "Yerushalem” on the forty sixth anniversary of the occupation of the whole city, which will fall on the seventh of June,according to the PIC.

Yasin Hamoud, director-general of the institution, has told a news conference held in Cairo that the campaign is aimed at shedding light on the status of Jerusalem (Al-Quds) following 46 years of its occupation.

Hamoud added that the campaign would work on actively involving the issue of Jerusalem in the political and media discourse and rallying the Arab and Muslim streets to provide moral and financial support for the holy city and its people.

He said that the Arab and Muslim nations are fully responsible for defending Jerusalem in the face of Judaization activities and supporting the steadfastness of its natives.

For his part, Hamid Al-Ahmer, chairman of Al-Quds institution, stated that the Aqsa Mosque is being exposed to Judaization attempts to build the so called "Jewish temple" in place of the Dome of the Rock, warning that the daily violations at the Mosque is aimed at dividing it between Palestinians and israelis.

Al-Ahmer called on the Arab and Islamic governments and peoples to show firm stance against Israel’s violations in Jerusalem and to adopt a comprehensive strategy to consolidate the Arab and Islamic identity of the holy city.


President Lahoud: Syria the Heart of Arabism

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud  has asserted  that  Syria is strong and  it will come out from  this cruel and imported crisis .

Lahoud said in a statement to " al-Thawra" newspaper :" It is not  surprising that  the  Arab leader President Bashar al-Assad  said  great and responsible  words  about the Syrian  crisis  , and the region. He asserted that  President al-Assad  has described  the situation  accurately and objectively when he explained that a global war  is launched  against Syria because it  is  the heart  of Arabism and the only resistant country in the region.

Lahoud  added that president al-Assad , surrounded by  his people, is a believer and  practitioner  of  democracy . He  also trusted his people in all  pivotal  issues of the Arab nation.

 Regarding  the Syrian  Army, president al-Assad  has been credit given from  his people as a  leader  who does not seek to lead, but is trying to consolidate the concepts of the Arab  dignity so it is  not  surprising  for this army to realize those  great victories.

Therefore, Lahoud  stressed that history will underscore the indelible disgrace of  Arabs which appeared clearly through Arab League role. Since, Arab League changed its  charter, consequently became too far from  any peaceful  solution to the Syrian crisis.

On the other hand , history will write  the honorable  stances of  great countries like Russia, China and other BRICS countries  which supported the rights  of  the  Middle East countries that  were  exposed to the most serious attack upon  issues  of minorities.

Regarding  Lebanon, the brother  President  marked  the shameful stance of this neighbor country  which distanced  itself  from  the bleeding Syria. He stressed that many Lebanese parties, unfortunately, forgetting that they  cannot  distance themselves  from  central national principles especially the main Arab Cause " Palestine."

"Congratulations to Syria great leader, people,  and  army.  The  victory over terrorism is very close  whether   the nation's enemies woke up or continued in their disgrace slumber". Lahoud concluded.



Clashes rage in Istanbul's Besiktas

Turkish protesters have clashed with police in Istanbul overnight, in some of the worst violence since unrest erupted three days ago.

Protesters in Besiktas district tore up paving stones to build barricades, and police responded with tear gas and water cannon, according to BBC.

The violence was sparked by plans to build on a city park but have broadened into nationwide anti-government unrest.

Protesters say the Turkish government is becoming increasingly authoritarian.

They fear Prime Minister RecepTayyipErdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) is trying to impose conservative values on the officially secular country and infringe on their personal freedoms, correspondents say.

Officials say more than 1,700 people have been arrested in demonstrations in 67 towns and cities, though many have since been released.

Mosques, shops and a university in Besiktas were turned into makeshift hospitals for those injured in Sunday night's demonstration.

The BBC's Louise Greenwood in Istanbul says several thousand people took part in the protest outside the recently decommissioned Besiktas football stadium.

She says some of the protesters were coughing violently and vomiting after police fired gas canisters into the crowd.

The protests began on a small scale last week over redevelopment plans for the park to make way for the rebuilding of an Ottoman-era barracks, reportedly to house a shopping Centre.

The demonstrators say the park is one of the few green spaces in Istanbul, and object to the loss of public space for commercial purposes.


Settlers kill more than 750 olive trees with chemicals

The zionist settlers used toxic chemicals to annihilate about 750 olive trees last week south of Nablus city, according to Tadamun (solidarity) society for human rights.

The society explained that the settlers sprayed this number of live trees with deadly chemicals in Awarta and Burin villages south of Nablus in order to annex more than 10,000 dunums of Palestinian land to the settlements "Yitzhar and Itamar", who were established illegally on Palestinian lands.

Head of the municipal council in Awarta Sami Awad said that the farmers in the village cannot work about 12,000 dunums of their land which is partially located inside the fence of the illegal settlement of "Itamar".

Source : Nablus (PIC)