Senior MP Voices Iran's Support for Syria

Head of Majlis (Iranian parliament) Councils and Internal Affairs Commission Amir Khojasteh in a meeting with Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi reaffirmed Iran's support for resistance axis of Syria.

'The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the resistance axis in Syria wholeheartedly,' Khojasteh said during the meeting in Damascus on Sunday.

60 Daesh Terrorists Killed in Northern Iraq

A total of 60 Takfiri Daesh terrorists have been killed during military operations across Iraq’s northern provinces of Nineveh and Kirkuk, security sources say.

Iraqi security forces affiliated with the Nineveh liberation operation killed 17 militants, including 5 bombers, who were trying to advance into the frontline of the battle in southern Mosul, Iraq’s al-Sumaria News reported on Sunday.

The army soldiers also destroyed a machine gun belonging to Daesh, killing four militants in a village in Nineveh.

Terrorist Attacks in the World Inevitable Result of Wrong Western Policies- Larijani

TEHRAN, (ST)-Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Sunday affirmed his country’s support for the legitimate governments in Syria and Iraq against terrorist organizations with the aim of pushing the evil of terrorism away from all Islamic countries.

Speaking in a Parliament public session, Larijani said “terrorist activities in the region and the world are the inevitable result of the policies adopted by leaders of the western countries and of some Arab and regional countries which sought using terrorism as a tool for implementing certain political agendas.

Holding Parliamentary Elections in Syria Brave Step Reflecting State’s Strength- Egyptian Writer

CAIRO, (ST)- Egyptian writer Mohmmad al-Fawwal has stressed that Syria’s commitment to holding the People’s Assembly elections on April 13th has been a brave step reflecting the Syrian state’s strength and authority as well as its ability to organize the elections under a global terrorist war waged against the country by the Zionist-reactionary alliance.

In an article published by the Egyptian “Al Joumhouria” newspaper, al-Fawwal said Syria went ahead with the process of holding the elections in accordance with the constitution. It put no restrictions or conditions before any citizen or any party seeking candidacy to the parliamentary elections and the way was open to thousands of people from all national trends to enter the election race.”

Stupidity hurts us all’: US decision makers ignorant about Russia – Congressman Rohrabacher

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has expressed his gratitude for Russia’s positive role in world affairs – and the Syrian crisis in particular – at an inter-parliamentary meeting in Moscow, where he noted the ignorance of some of his colleagues’ opinions and statements.

“Thank you for what you are doing in Syria. From me!” Rohrabacher said in front of Russian and US parliamentary delegations. “I’ve been talking to ordinary Americans and I say: It’s great they have Russia down there killing the terrorists that want to kill us. And they thank you too” RT reported.