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Hundreds of Turks Hold Erdogan’s Regime Responsible for al-Zara Massacre

ANKARA– Hundreds of Turks took part in demonstrations organized in Beyoglu and Gazi neighborhoods in Istanbul in condemnation of al-Zara massacre perpetrated by Erdogan-backed terrorists, SANA reported.

Terrorist groups of al-Rahman Legion, ahl Al-Sunna Battalions and Ajnad Homs along with Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham, backed by the Turkish and Saudi regimes, perpetrated a heinous massacre against civilians of al-Zara village in the countryside of Hama last Thursday where they killed children, women and elderly in a brutal manner and abducted a number of others.

Hezbollah: Takfiri Artillery Shelling Killed Martyr Badreddine

Hezbollah announced on Saturday the result of investigations conducted over the martyrdom of Hezbollah martyr leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine near Damascus airport.

Hezbollah said in a statement that the explosion “which targeted one of our positions near the Damascus International Airport and led to the martyrdom of Sayyed Zulfikar, the martyr leader’s nom de guerre, was caused by an artillery bombardment carried out by Takfiri groups stationed in the region,” al-ManarTV reported.

Iraqi Forces Liberate Two Districts in Anbar

Iraqi security forces, backed by fighters from pro-government tribal units, have fully liberated two districts in the conflict-ridden western province of Anbar from Takfiri Daesh terrorists, according to Press T.V.

Abdul Jabbar al-Obeidi, a member of al-Baghdadi District Council in Anbar, told Arabic-language al-Sumaria satellite television network on Friday that government forces and their allies carried out a counter-terrorism operation in Jabba region, located about 90 kilometers (55 miles) west of the provincial capital city of Ramadi, and managed to wrest control over the terrain and raise the national Iraqi flag over a building.

Syria's Ambassador to Lebanon Offers Condolences on Martyrdom of Hizbollah Senior Commander

 BEIRUT, (ST)- Delegated by President Bashar Al-Assad, Syria's Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim on Friday offered condolences and congratulations to Hizbollah on the martyrdom of senior resistance commander Mustafa Badreddin (Sayyed Zulfiqar).

Abdul Karim, who expressed his heartfelt condolences and congratulations to Hizbollah and the family of the martyr,  said "the blood of martyr Badreddin will be a sign of great victory for Syria and the axis of resistance over takfiri terrorists and their supporters."

Zionist Entity Benefiting Most from Terrorism in Region, Says Larijani

Majlis (Iranian parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani underlined that Zionist Entity has benefited a lot from the creation of terrorist groups and supporting them in the region.

'The Zionists have taken advantage from the creation of terrorist groups and backing them as well as the ongoing turmoil in the Muslim world,' Larijani said, addressing the opening ceremony of the 33rd International Quran Competitions in Tehran on Wednesday.

'Today we see these scenes that the apparent governments but the enemies of God who destroy a country like Yemen and Syria in such way , the Zionists benefit from it; as late Imam Khomeini said they are worse than arrogant powers who created and supported the terrorist groups to shed the blood of Muslims,' Majlis speaker added.