Turkish Intelligence team in Yemen to Train Terrorists Sent to Syria- Yemeni Security Source

SANAA, (ST)_ A Yemeni security official revealed that "a team of Turkish intelligence is  in Yemen to supervise  sending armed terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood movement to Turkey where they are trained and then sent to Syria."

"Turkey works on attracting fighters from many countries to take them to Syria, after learning about effectiveness of al-Qaeda affiliated groups in the battle on the Syrian soil." The security official told the Saudi daily al-Sharq.

The security official said that the Turkish intelligence chief, who visited Yemen last month discussed  this matter with  the military leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen and requested  support for the Syrian  Brotherhood to achieve gains on the ground and not to let Qaeda factions attract terrorists freely.

The official confirmed that "a large number of Yemenis from the Muslim Brotherhood Movement went to fight in Syria" while  the Turkish intelligence train  a large number of "fighters" from  different Arab countries" including Libya, Egypt, Yemen and transported  them to fight on fronts , determined in accordance with the sort of  training they had received.

He detailed that the  "Turkish Airlines opened direct flights from Yemen to Ankara to transport terrorists" , as formerly   the transport process was made individually,  while today large numbers  of them leave for Syria  , with the knowledge of the Yemeni authorities.

However, several Yemeni media sources revealed that  Muslim Brotherhood  leaders prepared dozens of young men in Yemen several months ago and sent them to Syria where they  joined  the armed terrorist groups t in the acts of killings, kidnappings and destruction , and that  Turkey is  funding and arming terrorist groups and facilitate their  infiltration into Syria.


T. Fateh

Palestinian activists call for protesting against Obama's visit to occupied territories

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,(ST)_the Popular Committee for Defending Syria in the occupied Palestine has appealed to the Palestinian people to protest against the US President's forthcoming visit to the occupied territories.

The committee's statement signed by Palestinian activists, professors, clergymen, intellectuals and reporters said: "Barak Obama's visit to the Palestinian lands is an attempt to consolidate occupation and force the Palestinian people to accept the idea of 'Jewish State' on the Palestinian people's land."

It added that the timing of the visit comes at a time when the US Administration seeks to destroy Syria to serve the Zionist entity's interest.

The statement called on the Palestinian and Arab peoples to boycott the US culture, policy and goods.

The committee reminded of the US Administrations' role in destroying Arab states, stressing the US has changed its aggressive tools in wars.

"The US perpetrate killing by drone, recruit terrorists to destroy Syria in order to turn it into a hot-bed of the so called 'political Islam' which is being blessed by the kings and Emirs of oil states, the statement read.

Obama is expected to visit the occupied Palestinian territories between 20-22 March.


Lebanon will not allow itself to serve as a crossing point for arms and gunmen across its border,says Sleiman

 President Michel Sleiman, who is on an official tour of African states, said Friday night that the Lebanese should refrain from sending fighters to Syria.

 “To overcome tensions surrounding Lebanon we should all be committed to the Baabda Declaration and not send gunmen to Syria or receive them. We should remain neutral,” Sleiman said during a ceremony at the Lebanese Embassy in Ivory Coast.

 “The Lebanese Army has been commissioned to repress and arrest any gunmen [in Lebanon] to fight, whether they are with the opposition or not,” he added.

Earlier that day, Sleiman said: “The Syrian Foreign Ministry’s statement is being studied and we will take the appropriate stance on it. Lebanon has adopted a disassociation policy on the Syrian events. This position was translated into the Baabda Declaration."

 “Lebanon, according to this [Baabda] Declaration, will not allow itself to serve as a crossing point for arms and gunmen across its border,” Sleiman said.

 “It will not allow the establishment of military bases or security centers for gunmen on its territory,” he added.

We will no longer accept attacks from Lebanon,says Abdel-Karim

Syria will no longer accept attacks on its territory from across the border with Lebanon, Syria’s Ambassador Ali Abdel-Karim Ali said in remarks published Saturday and Prime Minister Najib Mikati reiterated his call for Lebanon to uphold its dissociation policy.

 “What is required of the Lebanese government is that it carry out its duty on the border with Syria,” Ali told As-Safir newspaper.

 “We have no interest whatsoever in creating tensions with Lebanon but at the same time we can never compromise on Syria's security and sovereignty. We are being attacked and we are no longer willing to accept that - ever,” he said.

Damascus, in a letter sent to the Foreign Ministry Thursday, warned Beirut it would attack terrorists in  Lebanon, reiterating its stance  that arms and gunmen were being smuggled from the border.

The letter said Syrian forces were still exercising self-restraint by not striking “concentrations of armed gangs inside Lebanese territory in order to prevent them from crossing into Syrian territory.”

 “But this will not last indefinitely,” the letter warned.

Separately, Mikati told the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat in remarks published Saturday that he would try to seek clarification on the contents of the letter through diplomatic channels.

“We will get more clarification about the letter via diplomatic means,” the prime minister said.

 “I urge the Lebanese to continue [upholding] the policy of disassociation,” he added.


A Turkish Committee to Investigate Erdogan 's Support for Armed Groups in Syria

ANKARA,(ST)_Turkish Parliamentarian for  the Turkish Peace and Democracy Party  Altan Tan  submitted  parliamentary memorandum  to the Turkish National Assembly "parliament" holding  the  ruling Government of Justice and Development  Party  accountable for supporting the armed groups and providing them with weapons securing roads for  them to enter Syria. He suggested the formation of   a Parliamentary Inquiry Committee to investigate on this subject. 

In a press conference held in the Turkish parliament, quoted by Yurt newspaper   on Friday, Tan disclosed the existence of dozens of complaints from Turkish families whose sons were sent to fight in Syria after given false identities.

" Erdogan government is silent on this subject, the same it  always does regarding similar sensitive issues, while the killing of one young Turk  from the city of Hani's Diyarbakir and five from Bingol  are evidences on true  information on sending  young people from Turkey to participate in the fighting with  armed groups in Syria,"  the Turkish  MP said, reiterating his party 's rejection of  "  exploiting Youths religious feelings and dragging them  to adventures that will destroy their lives.

He stressed that the  policy Turkish government towards Syria has increased fears in Turkey  of the risk of terrorist groups supported by  this government in providing   arms and ammunition for these groups that sneak from Turkey to Syria from different countries across Gilan Pienaar border  city with Syria.


UN Human Rights Chief Condemns Execution of 7 Men in S. Arabia

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay deplored the execution of 7 men in Saudi Arabia, described the move as violation of the international regulations.

"I strongly condemn the execution of these seven men," Pillay said on Thursday,according to FNA.

"Under international safeguards adopted by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and reaffirmed by the General Assembly, capital punishment may be imposed only for 'the most serious crimes' and only after the most rigorous judicial process," Pillay stated.

"In this particular case, no crime of murder or intentional killing was committed. Thus, the use of the death penalty in these seven cases constitutes violations of the international safeguards in the use of the death penalty," she added.

The seven Saudis, executed on Wednesday, had been convicted of armed robbery.

The seven men received death sentences in 2009 after being arrested in 2006, but human rights groups said some of them were minors at the time of the alleged crime.