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West continues to politicize human rights issues amid pandemic, says Gatilov

Western countries continue to politicize human rights issues amid the coronavirus pandemic in order to put pressure on unwanted regimes, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations in Geneva Gennady Gatilov told an online briefing on Thursday.
According to him, the pandemic has highlighted serious issues in the human rights field. “The virus of politicization is unfortunately still affecting international efforts to protect human rights. Western countries continue attempts to use human rights as a tool to advance their political agenda,” Gatilov pointed out.

U.S. to use the pretext of fighting drug trafficking in Bogota to destabilize Caracas

In an escalatory  step that reflects Washington's insistance on exploiting the countries that are near Venezuela to destabilize Caracas, a U.S. army unit will arrive in Colombia in the coming days under the pretext of helping the Andean country's armed forces fight against drug trafficking for a four-month period. 
The U.S. Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) will arrive in Colombia in early June, the US embassy in Bogota said on Wednesday, without specifying the size of the unit.

Israeli warplane renews their violation of Lebanese airspace

BEIRUT, (ST) - Israeli enemy warplanes on Thursday renewed their violation of Lebanese airspace and carried out provocative flights over the southern regions.

Lebanese Army Command announced in a statement that "six hostile Israeli warplanes and reconnaissance aircrafts violated Lebanese airspace over the sea west of the town of Naqura and carried out circular flights over the areas of ChoufAleyKesrouanMetn, Beirut and its suburbs, and Baabda, reaching all Lebanese regions before all left towards the occupied Palestinian lands.."

West uses the Corona epidemic to punish countries opposed to its policies, says Lavrov

Moscow, (ST) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed that some Western countries use the Corona virus epidemic as a tool to punish some countries and governments opposed to their policies.
"Not everyone was ready for this kind of epidemic and after a temporary joint cooperation to confront this threat to humankind, the Western predatory methods returned against all those who opposed their policy or goals," Lavrov said in an article in the Chinese Global Times.

Lavrov criticized the "humiliating" Western policies against anyone trying to cooperate with Russia and asking for medical assistance from it to combat the Corona virus despite the serious health situation. He said that "European solidarity turned out to be a notorious model, as the life and health of tens of thousands of ordinary citizens are not important to them".

A Yemeni martyred by Saudi mercenary fire in Yemen's Hodeidah Governorate

SANA’A, (ST) - A Yemeni youth was martyred by Saudi mercenary fire in Yemen's Hodeidah Governorate.

Al-Maserah site said that the young man was shot by the mercenaries of the Saudi aggression while passing on the way to the village of al-Qatnah in district of Hayis, which led to his death.