Sayyed Nasrallah: Towards Largest Representation in Cabinet, Near Victory in Syria


regional, and international developments in a televised speech that he delivered on Friday.

According to a translation by Sara Taha Moughnieh, Al-Manar Website, Locally, his eminence talked about the cabinet formation file, Syrian refugees in Lebanon, security disorder in baalbeck, Hermel, and nationalization. Regionally, he tackled the developments in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, and Yemen.

Lebanese Cabinet:

Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that: “since the elections were completed we asked for a government formation without wagering on regional developments. We were only concerned about the national benefits and needs which are based on refusing cabinet vacuum and economic nourishment… The main problem was the absence of criteria. There should be a certain criterion upon which the government is formed, and everyone should commit to this criterion. The criteria could be the election results, political power, public representation, or relativity… However, all the criteria proposed until now do not form a national unity government but rather a government based on a political and party representation. A national unity government should include everyone… so we call everyone to commit to the election results as a common criteria…”

He added: “I am among those who – after reaching an agreement with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri – will be demanding more than six ministers in the cabinet.”

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and their return to Syria

Sayyed Nasrallah said: “there has been a conflict in the country concerning the Syrian refugees file, and this conflict has been taking a sectarian aspect. No need to be firm in this file as no one is demanding an obligatory return for the refugees. Everyone is calling for a voluntary and safe return… Our information in the field state that some international organizations and local parts are scaring refugees and giving them false information, and this is damaging the Syrian and Lebanese people and serving the benefits of certain parts.”

Not everything revolves around US: Zarif

TEHRAN– Iranian FM Zarif was quoted by a senior MP as saying that not everything revolves around US, stressing that Washington is not the whole world and Iran can still continue its cooperation with other countries.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif attended a meeting with a number of Principalist Parliament members today, discussing the latest developments on the status of the Iran nuclear deal after the US unilateral pullout from the agreement, according to the Mehr News Agency.

Iran: Wahhabism Bedrock of Takfiri Terrorism

TEHRAN -Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani blamed Wahhabism, mainly promoted by Saudi Arabia, for the formation of Takfiri terrorist groups that have stirred crisis in the regional states.

"Wahhabism was the ideological bed for Takfiri terrorism and the ISIL was created based on Wahhabism, a plot hatched by certain world powers and the role played by a number of ignorant and contending regional states," Shamkhani said in a meeting with his Uzbek counterpart Viktor Makhmudov in Tehran on Tuesday, according to Fars News.

Iran Condemns Saudi-Led Air Raids on Yemeni Civilians

TEHRAN– Iran’s Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the intensification of airstrikes on Yemen’s residential areas by the Saudi and Emirati fighter jets, saying the cruel targeting of women and children signifies the invading coalition’s failure to achieve its targets in Yemen, Tasnim News reported.

In a statement on Tuesday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi condemned the Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen’s residential areas in Sa’dah and on a passenger bus carrying the internally displaced Yemenis in Hudaydah.

Iran, Iraq Standing up to Zionist Entity, US Extremism, Says Velayati

A senior Iranian official says both Iran and Iraq are standing up to the Zionist regime and extremism of the US and some Western countries.

"The Americans are the common enemy of both the Iranian and Iraqi nations," Ali Akbar Velayati, the senior adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on international affairs, said in a meeting with a delegation of Iraqi intellectuals in Tehran on Tuesday.