5th Executive Resigns from Trump’s Advisory Council

Another member of US President Donald Trump’s advisory council has resigned, making five the number of people quitting their jobs over his response to the Charlottesville riots in the past three days.

The top executives have resigned in protest at Trump’s support for white supremacists and the similar groups as well as the president’s handling of the violence and terror attack in Charlottesville last week, according to Press TV.

WHO: Over Half Million Yemenis Infected with Cholera since April

The World Health Organization (WHO) says more than 500,000 people have been affected by cholera in war-torn Yemen since the epidemic broke out in late April, as the waterborne disease has killed nearly 2,000 others in the impoverished nation during the past four months. 

According to a statement released by the United Nation health agency on Monday, a total of 503,484 cases, suspected to be infected with cholera, and 1,975 deaths, attributable to the outbreak, were documented during the period in Yemen, Press TV reported.

JCPOA opens new chapter in foreign policy: Iran President

Tehran– The July 2015 nuclear deal did prepare a 'new plan' for the interaction with the world, said the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, adding that the international agreement unlocked new doors to the country's foreign policy.

'Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPPOA) is a win-win agreement which offered ways of interaction with the world,' President Rouhani said, addressing the Majlis (Parliament) open session this morning to review the government's plans and give vote of confidence to the proposed ministers, IRNA reported.

Describing Iran's nuclear program as the country's most complicated question, the president said it was a great accomplishment after a series of intensive expert talks.

Russian Senator Urges Prompt Diplomacy to Stop Iran from Scrapping Nuclear Deal

MOSCOW– Prompt diplomatic efforts are needed to address Iran's threat of exiting the two-year international agreement curbing its nuclear program, Russian senator Vladimir Dzhabarov told Sputnik on Tuesday.

"Diplomats must now get in on the case, otherwise it will be cannons that will speak," Dzhabarov, first deputy chairman of the Federation Council's foreign affairs committee, said.

Victories in Iraq, Syria Indicate Daesh Collapse

Big victory celebrations in Mosul and Aleppo indicate complete collapse of the terrorist group Daesh, Secretary of the Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaie said.

Rezaie made the remarks Monday in a ceremony to mark late military advisor Mohsen Hojajji who was beheaded by takfiri group Daesh in Syria.

He pointed to the future of developments in the region, saying it would make US to retreat.