Saudis Stage Demonstration in Qatif

Saudi people staged a fresh anti-regime demonstration in the town of Qatif in Eastern Province, calling for the freedom of political detainees held in the kingdom's prisons.

Defying the Saudi regime's ban on public gatherings, scores of people took to the streets on Friday to express solidarity with the prisoners, press tv reported.

The demonstrators shouted slogans against the Al Saud ruling family and denounced the suppression of protests in the oil-rich province.

On Thursday, protesters also held a similar rally organized by the Saudi Liberal Youth Movement against the brutal acts of the security forces in al-Awamiyah village of Eastern Province.

The Thursday protest came after Saudi security forces shot and arrested two anti-government activists in al-Awamiyah on Monday.

Activists say a large number of the political prisoners are being held by the Al Saud regime without trial or legitimate charges.

There have been numerous demonstrations in the oil-rich Eastern Province since February 2011, with protestors primarily calling for political reform and an end to widespread discrimination.

Anti-government protests intensified, however, since November 2011, when security forces opened fire on protestors in Qatif, killing five people and leaving scores more injured.

In October 2012, Amnesty International called on Saudi authorities to stop using excessive force against the protestors.


Palestinians : Gangs Killing in Syria are battalions in the Israeli Army

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,(ST)_The Palestinian People 's  Committee for Solidarity with Syria and its national leadership organized in  Kafr Qare village, northern occupied Palestine of 1948 a  solidarity rally with Syria 's people and army against  the ongoing terrorist aggression against  Syria.

Under  the title "Syria is  victorious"  the participants in the rally hoisted  banners condemning the  US  ,Turkish and some Arab countries policies  in supporting  terrorism in Syria, asserting that the criminal gangs that kill the Syrian people are battalions in the Israeli occupation army.

They  stressed the need to intensify activities to stand by the Syrian people and their national leadership to challenge the fierce  colonial attack on the Arab nation.

The committee 's secretary Wasfi Abdul Ghani, and several Palestinian speakers  expressed confidence that the Syrian people will emerge victorious , and that Western countries  are trying to manipulate the Arabs and fighting them by targeting Syria because it  represent the Arab castle of steadfastness and resistance, voicing full solidarity with Syria until terrorists are eliminated and victory declared.

Meantime,  Arab Orthodox institutions held in occupied Jerusalem on Friday a sermon  and marches on the occasion of the " Great Friday" , and   thousands of Palestinians marched in the same  route taken by Jesus Christ, peace be upon him "Via Dolorosa to the Church of Resurrection."

In a speech on this glorious occasion, Bishop Atallah Hanna of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Church said : "We are with the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle to achieve  full freedom , the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and release all the prisoners," stressing that the issue of Palestine is the central cause  and denouncing the war of barbarism to subvert and destroy Syria

Bishop Hanna reiterated regret and  severe pain  for  the  continued abduction of Bishops  Paul Yazigi Metropolitan of Aleppo and Iskenderun for the Greek  Orthodox and John Ibrahim Metropolitan of Aleppo of  Syrian Orthodox, who were  kidnapped by an armed terrorist group while conducting humanitarian duties in Aleppo countryside last month.


T. Fateh

Iran rejects foreign meddling in Syria, reiterates Salehi

TEHRAN,(ST)_Iran's Foreign Minister reiterates once again his country's rejection for foreign meddling in Syria.

The Iranian Press T.V website quoted Ali Akbar Salehi as saying yesterday: "We protest interference of outsiders in Syria as well as the dispatch of mercenaries into the country and we consider this as meddling in the affairs of other states."  

He, in addition, noted that sending weapons to the armed terrorist groups is also a sign of "clear meddling' in Syria's internal affairs. 

" We believe that the opposition must sit at the negotiation table with the Syrian government as soon as possible to end bloodshed," the Iranian official said, adding that the true opposition must help halt violence in the country and seek a solution including all Syrians to end the crisis.  


Moslehei: Schemes to Attack Syria, Destabilize Resistance, Foiled

TEHRAN, (ST) _"All schemes developed by the enemies to attack Syria and destabilize the resistance were  failed,  and events taking place in the region may be disturbing, but at the same time indicate the escalation of the culture of resistance,"  said Haidar Moslehi , Iranian  Security Minister .

In a  statement in Tehran  on Thursday Moslehi added  that the US  regrets its  involvement in  the crisis in Syria to take revenge of the axis of resistance and ensure Israel 's security  because it  did not expect such resistance that challenged it   to achieve   victory on the ground.

He warned against enemy 's  pursuit in its new schemes to stir up sectarian differences, explaining that "what we see of sectarian conflicts in the region are  the results  of the British spying apparatus to exploit sectarian strife as a spearhead  to hit Islam".  

 T. Fateh

Moroccan, Tunisian, Jordanian Rallies Voicing Solidarity with Syria




CAPITALS, (ST ) _ Hundreds of young Moroccans on Thursday held a huge people 's mass rally  in solidarity with Syria against organized  terrorism by  armed terrorist groups and in rejection of foreign interference in Syria 's  internal affairs .

The marchers, who waved Syrian flags said that the Zionist entity is their first enemy , stressing  deliberate rejection of  any external interference in Syria's internal and denounced US, the West and Qatar arming of  terrorists in the service of the US and Zionist  interests in the region.

The Moroccan marchers  called  on the free world to support Syria in  resisting  anti-Israeli policies and the  Wahhabi terrorism.

Similarly in Tunisia, national figures and parties  held a  massive march in solidarity with Syria , in which they   stressed rejection of foreign intervention in  Syria aims to undermine its  national positions .

In Jordan, a march marking  the May Day, attended by 2000  Jordanian activists representing  communist , leftist and nationalist parties,  People's Committees and Jordanian citizens from  various  provinces in  Jordan, turned into  a  march in support of  Syria steadfastness and resistance against NATO conspiracies, and the Sheikhdoms  of oil, gas and petro-dollar.

Speeches delivered  at the rally stressed  the need to stand by Syria  and rejection of foreign interference in its affairs . The participants chanted slogans highlighting  Syria as a symbol of steadfastness and the pulse of the Arab nation, while  national songs  were chanted by "Show of days" band .

In Yemen, the Yemen's  People 's  Supreme Committee in support of Syria and the Arab nation causes organized a speech rally on Thursday  at the Yemeni Research and Studies center in Sanaa  under the title "together to stop exporting  terrorism to Syria and to support the option of a peaceful solution" in  which delivered speeches voiced  solidarity with Syria and its leadership represented by President Bashar al-Assad and the  steadfast Syrian people.


T. Fateh