Iran Strongly Condemns Khan al-Asal Crime

TEHRAN,(ST)_Iran has strongly condemned the crime by the armed terrorist groups in Syria in   firing a missile carrying chemicals  against Khan al-Asal in  Aleppo describing this act as  a hostile step for mankind, and expressed  solidarity with the victims of this massacre .

Spokesman for  the Iranian Foreign Ministry Ramin Mehmanparast said in a statement today ( Wednesday) that the responsibility for the recurrence of such crimes is held on  its  perpetrators and countries supporting them.

"In the course the emphasis on the need to adhere to the peaceful settlement of the crisis in Syria Iran considers maintaining  stability and security to the region is  subject to abidance  by the  political option to  resolve the crisis and calls on all institutions and human rights organizations to condemn this crime and  shoulder their  serious responsibilities in this regard." Mehmanparast said.

The armed terrorist groups on Tuesday fired a missile carrying a chemicals against Khan al-Asal  area in Aleppo, resulted in killing and wounding dozens of people.


T. Fateh

Recruiting Young Tunisians to Fight Alongside Terrorists in Syria a Treason- Newspaper

TUNIS, (ST) - The Tunisian Weekly newspaper "Assabah" has stressed that recruiting young Tunisians to fight alongside armed terrorist groups in Syria amounts to treason of the Tunisian homeland.

In its editorial on Wednesday, the weekly said that one of the humanitarianly and socially burning files, which have been a source of worry to most Tunisians, is the issue of the Tunisian youths who seek what they call "Jihad" to fight with the terrorist groups in "sisterly" Syria, and then news come to announce the killing of some of them in a battle which is actually not theirs'.

The newspaper pointed out that most of these young people didn't willingly choose this destiny. They were victims of brain washing operations based on feeding their religious extremism. They were actually misled to be used as fuel in a war which doesn't aim to defend Tunisia, but to serve the interests of some western and Arab Gulf countries who fund terrorism in Syria.

In a clear reference to Qatar, "Assabah" said a Gulf state, which is seeking bigger role than its political and geographic size in the Arab region, has offered, according to sources, some 3000 dollars for each young Tunisian who joins fighting alongside the "armed opposition" in Syria.  Some Tunisian sides, recruit these young "jihadists" and supervise the process of sending them to Syria, but by doing this they commit a horrible crime against the Tunisian people.

The newspaper warned against delaying the solving of this dangerous issue, particularly because figures indicate that the number of those "jihadists" exceeded 3000 and this number may increase if the Tunisian authorities don't hurry in adopting necessary measures to stop this bleeding.

 The weekly pointed out that the Tunisian prime Minister Ali Al-Arid has finally promised to follow up this burning issue, as it threatens national security. It reiterated the urgent need to uncover the parties directly involved in sending Tunisian "jihadists" to Syria and to severely punish them for betraying the homeland.

H. Mustafa

Two Attacks against Turkish Government in Ankara

ANKARA,(ST)_Two attacks by anti-tank weapons and bombs,  targeted on Tuesday the headquarters of the Turkish  ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Ministry of Justice in Ankara .

According to Turkey's Anatolia News Agency that unknown assailants opened fire at the 7th and 8th floors of the building of the Justice and Development Party in Ankara yesterday evening, resulted in significant material losses.

The agency said the Turkish security forces have taken security measures around the building and began an extensive combing operation.

The agency noted that another attack targeted a building attached to the  Ministry of Justice in Ankara, resulted  in the  injury of one person.


Anatolia reporter said that ambulances rushed to the scene and admitted the injured to hospital for treatment.

The Turkish Minister of Justice said  that the attack on the headquarters of the ruling Justice and Development party resulted in heavy losses.

Two devices have exploded outside Turkey's justice ministry and offices of the ruling AK Party in the capital Ankara. CNN Turk said at least two people were wounded, and the Turkish police arrested two persons after the incident.


T. Fateh

Wave of bombings kill 52, decade after U.S.-led invasion

A new wave of bombings mainly struck some  areas in Iraq on Tuesday, killing 52 people and wounding 200, on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the U.S.- led invasion that ousted the country's former leader ship.

The attacks were apparently an attempt by the insurgent groups to stir up strife among Iraqis after three months of protests in west and north of Baghdad .

In the capital Baghdad, at least 12 car bombs detonated at crowded areas during the morning rush hours.

One car bomb detonated near a popular restaurant near the entrance of the Green Zone, which houses the Iraqi government offices and some foreign embassies, including the U.S. embassy, killing five people and wounding 15 others.

In a separate incident, a car bomb went off close to a government office near al-Mudhafar Square in Sadr City neighborhood in the eastern part of Baghdad, killing two policemen and two civilians and injuring 12 others, including three policemen.

Another car bomb struck construction workers who gather in Baghdad al-Jadida district, or New Baghdad, killing at least four workers and wounding more than 12 others.

The fourth one ripped in northeastern Baghdad, killing four people and wounding four others.

Other car bomb attacks struck the  Sadr City, Zaafaraniyah, Kadhmiyah, Mashtel, Utiefiyah and Shula.

Also in the capital, two people were killed when two sticky bombs attached to their cars detonated in western and eastern Baghdad, while a third was shot dead by gunmen using silenced weapons in the southern part of Baghdad.

"Our report said a total of 48 people were killed and some 167 wounded by the bomb and gunfire attacks in Baghdad," an Interior Ministry source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

Near Baghdad, a suicide bomber drove an explosive-laden truck into the entrance of an Iraqi army base in the town of Iskandariyah, some 50 km south of Baghdad, killing two people and wounding more than 10 others, while another car bomb ripped the town, wounding ten people.

Meanwhile, mortar rounds struck a medical center at Sabie al- Bour area, just north of Baghdad, killing two people and wounding five others.

Separately, at least four soldiers were wounded in a car bomb explosion near their patrol in the town of Tarmiyah, some 40 km north of Baghdad.

No one has so far claimed responsibility for the attacks. However, al-Qaida front in Iraq frequently claimed responsibility for most deadly attacks in the country, raising fears that the terrorist group could return to spread violence.


Iran Considers Sending Weapons to Terrorists in Syria as International Terrorism

TEHRAN,(ST)_ Iran 's Assistant Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdul Lahyan  stressed that the insistence of certain  States to send arms to terrorists in Syria  and refraining   to help in halting  violence is considered as  international terrorism , condemning the  "blatant foreign interference in the internal affairs of Syria."

In a statement today (Tuesday)  Lahyan explained that  "the solution in Syria is  purely political," stressing that "the Syrian people will not allow others to decide for them  from the outside."

He  continued  that "recent acts by  terrorist groups against the Syrian people and the opposition, who believes in the national dialogue failed" calling  on "all parties to join  national  and constructive dialogue with the Syrian government".


T. Fateh