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Turkish Speaker Condemns Takfiri Terrorists' Brutalities in Syria

TEHRAN - Turkish Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek, in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Ali Larijani in Tehran, strongly condemned the Takfiri terrorists' continued brutalities against the innocent people in Syria, and called for the peaceful settlement of the crisis in Syria as soon as possible, according to FNA.

The Turkish speaker said late on Saturday that the crimes committed by the Takfiri terrorists in Syria and other extremists in the region are against Islam, human principles and human rights.

Both Iranian and Turkish speakers vowed to try their best to encourage all sides involved in the Syrian crisis to participate in a comprehensive national dialogue to end the bloodshed in the Muslim country.

Cicek arrived in Tehran on Saturday at the head of a high-ranking parliamentary delegation to confer with his Iranian counterpart Ali Larijani and Iran's President Hassan Rouhani ways to bolster Tehran-Ankara relations as well as the recent developments in the region, specifically the crisis in Syria.

On Friday, Cicek criticized certain western states for their double-standard policies towards terrorism in various countries, particularly in Syria.

The Turkish speaker condemned the double-standard stances of the West towards Syria, and slammed terrorist actions in the country.


Tens of Thousands Yemenis Protest US War Threats against Syria, Condemn Limitless US Support for Zionist Entity

SANAA- Tens of Thousands Yemeni demonstrators on Friday expressed their strong rejection of the US war threats against Syria.

The demonstrators, who took to the streets of the Yemeni capital Sanaa and gathered at the Attaghyeer (Change) Square, condemned the American schemes against the Arabs and slammed the limitless US support for the Zionist entity.

The protestors urged all influential countries, organizations and freedom -loving people to stand against the US support for Israel and against providing the Zionist entity with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).  They expressed their rejection of the American-Zionist-backed sedition schemes against peoples of the region.

In a statement, of which SANA has got a copy, the demonstrators said: "the American regime's keenness to back the Zionist entity and provide it with financial support, arms, expertise and all facilitations needed to develop its nuclear activities and destructive arsenal, comes within the framework the American schemes against the entire region in order to guarantee Israel's supremacy, particularly in the military field."

"This supremacy endangers the region and threatens world peace," the statement said, warning of Israel's huge nuclear arsenal.

In the Yemeni city of Sa'da tens of thousands of people organized a huge demonstration in solidarity with Syria.

Demonstrators urged the international community not to adopt the double standard policy towards the crisis in Syria. They called for putting the weapons of mass destruction, including those of Israel, under international control.

They called for Arab unity to face the American and Israeli conspiracies against the Middle East and urged more awareness by the Arab and Islamic peoples.

H. Mustafa

Iran,Angola for Political Solution in Syria

Capitals (ST) _ Iranian President Hassan Rohani urged the  international community to work constructively  in order to launch a national dialogue in Syria, stressing his country's readiness " to help facilitate the dialogue between the Syrian government and  the  opposition ,  and that  the  region's peoples must decide self - determination ."

Rohani added , in an article published in Washington Post yesterday  before attending the annual meeting  of the UN General Assembly due  next week that " we must address the injustice and disputes  that fuel violence and tension in the world ," adding that one of the key aspects of the political obligations of Iran, is  the constructive interaction and sincere efforts in dealing with neighboring countries and other countries in order to identify and secure solutions.

" such an approach can be useful for the  efforts to prevent cold conflicts  from turning into hot ,  but for overcoming the pitfalls for both  Syria or Iran's nuclear program or its relations with the US  , we need a more sublime objective and instead of focusing on how to prevent things from exacerbations , we need to think and talk about how to make things better," the Iranian  President said.

President Rohani said that the international community faces many challenges in the New World such as terrorism , extremism and foreign military intervention in addition to drug trafficking ,  cyber crime and cultural encroachment all within an international framework , that devoted to the logic of power and dominance in the world.

The Iranian president pointed out that attention  must be paid to the complexities of the debated issues in order to reach solutions to them , explaining that the  constructive diplomatic approach does not mean waiving  rights , rather  to engage with counterparts on the basis of equality and mutual respect to address common concerns and achieve common goals.

"Unfortunately , unilateral approach  still overshadows the constructive approach where the  security of one of the parties  is maintained at the expense of the insecurity of others and the subsequent consequences ," he said, adding that after a decade and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the attacks of September  11 , al-Qaeda terrorists and extremists are  still wreaking havoc in the region .

Rohani  said that : " Syria , the Jewel of  civilization became the scene of violence tragic , including attacks with chemical weapons , which we condemn strongly and in Iraq 10 years after the invasion led by the US  dozens  are still dozens loosing e their lives because of  violence every day , and the same is happening  in Afghanistan as well."

The Iranian president  explained that the unilateral approach  which " glorifies brute force and generates violence,"  is completely unable to solve the issues that we all face , such as terrorism and extremism, because no one is safe from extremist violence, even though this extremism,  is thousands of miles away  and  the Americans  saw this fact 12 years ago . 

Angola called for a political solution to the crisis in Syria 

Angola  called for  finding  a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria through diplomatic means and without any military intervention .

The Angolan Foreign Minister George Chikoti , who is participating in the works of the UN General Assembly in New York  stressed in an interview with the national radio that his country has always supported a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria and avoid escalation in order not to worsen the crisis .

Chikoti also welcomed Syrian government acceptance  to accede the Treaty on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons , calling on all international forces to maintain international peace and security. 

T. Fateh 

Iran: Syria's accession to the Prohibition of chemical weapons Treaty , stripped Zionist entity of any excuse to keep weapons of mass destruction

TEHRAN, (ST) _Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif yesterday  called for disarming  and dismantling  Israel's huge arsenal of nuclear and chemical weapons, pointing out that Syria  's approval to put  chemical weapons under international supervision stripped Israel of any excuse to continue to keep its  arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

Jawad Zarif, who is currently in New York to attend the 68th meeting of the  UN General Assembly welcomed  in a statement quoted by the Iranian  Press TV , Syria's accession  decision to the Treaty on the Prohibition of chemical weapons, adding that  " efforts must be now intensified  to resolve the situation, so as to  restore peace to the country, particularly after the said Syrian decision contributed  to derail plans for the implementation of military action against it. "

Jawad Zarif continued  that the Zionist  regime is still" equipped  with nuclear and chemical weapons ,the step taken by the Syrian government did not leave any excuse for it and  Israel  should now accept to disarm its weapons."

The  Iranian Foreign Minister  added that Iran have information confirming  the possession of  the  Western-backed  extremist takfirist groups in Syria chemical weapons  which should be  also confiscated .


T. Fateh 

Spokeswoman: Iran Concerned about terrorists' CW Possession in Syria

TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham welcomed Syria's decision to join the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), but said Tehran is concerned about the possession of such weapons by the terrorist groups in Syria,according to FNA.

"It is obvious that Syria's joining the CWC is a positive step but there are concerns about the reluctance of other countries and the Zionist regime to join this Convention," Afkham said in her weekly press conference in Tehran on Tuesday.

She underlined Tehran's demand for the dismantlement of all Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in the region, and said, "Certain measures should be adopted to obviate these concerns."

Afkham said that "the dangers of the possession of such weapons by the Takfiri and terrorist groups is still a more serious concern" which should be paid attention and obviated.