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Rouhani: Iran Brooks No Sanctions in Nuclear Talks

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic will not accept humiliation or the continuation of sanctions during negotiations over its nuclear program, Press T.V reported.

 “Sanctions are in contravention of human rights, and Iran will not accept imposition [of ideas], humiliation or the continuation of sanctions in negotiations [over its nuclear program],” Rouhani said in an address to crowds of people in the city of Qom to the south of the capital Tehran on Wednesday

Iran Pledges Support for Iraq in Anti - Terrorism Fight

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the country will not leave Iraq alone in the fight against terrorism.

The Iranian official made the remark in a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Baghdad on Tuesday.

The Iraqi premier, for his part, highlighted Iran’s role in the campaign against terrorism and underlined the need for cooperation among countries in the Middle East to fight the menace.  

US-Turkish Deal to Train So-called “Moderate Opposition” Aims to Save Armed Gangs from Defeat in Syria

Baghdad- The American-Turkish deal to train and arm terrorists of the so-called "moderate opposition is nothing but a desperate attempt to save the terrorist gangs in Syria from their inevitable defeat by the Syrian Arab army, according to some Iraqi writers who expressed confidence that this agreement will collapse thanks to the deep cohesion between the Syrian people, army and leadership.

According to Iraqi writer Ahmad Hatef, the deal aims to continue the aggression on Syria and to prolong the American plan of attrition in the region as long as some Arab rulers haven't realized yet the importance of stopping the American "game" which will expand to beyond their borders.

Iraqi President Appreciates Iran’s Assistance to Fight Daesh

Tehran -Iraqi President Fuad Masum appreciated Iran’s assistance to his country to fight the terrorist group of Daesh.

He said that Iran, as a neighboring country which shares over one thousand kilometers of borders with Iraq, has helped Baghdad a lot to confront the criminal Daesh terrorists.

Talking in a TV interview, he described ties between Iran and Iraq as good and said that since the very beginning of Daesh terrorist group in Iraq, Iran has provided both military and human resources to Iraq.

Terrorism Has No Place in Syria’s Future, Says Abdollahian

 An top Iranian diplomat has hailed Syria's recent gains against militants, saying terrorism has noplace in Syria’s future.

Only a political approach can settle the crisis in Syria and the Syrian government pays attention to opposition groups which favor a political solution, said Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the Iranian deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs.

However, armed opposition (groups) linked to terrorism have no place in Syria’s future,” he added.