Former Turkish FM: Erdogan's Government's Stance on Syria a "Scandal

ANKARA- Former Turkish Foreign Minister Shukri Sina Goral has affirmed that the government of the Justice and Development Party supports sectarian incitement in the Middle East through its open involvement in the process of arming al-Qaeda terrorists and sending them to fight in Syria and through its support for the terrorist groups in Iraq to topple Iraqi legitimate government.

In a statement published by the Turkish "Yourt" newspaper, Goral described as a "scandal" the current Turkish government policies and stances towards the crisis in Syria and the whole situation in the Middle East.
"Turkey's stance on Syria and the Middle East is matchless in the history of the Turkish foreign policy," Goral said.

He stressed that Erdogan's government looks at terrorism as a legitimate tool and this was evident in its anti-Syria policies.

"The Justice and Development government has drowned Turkey in the quagmire of terrorism through being a part in the crisis in Syria and through providing full support to al-Qaeda-linked Jabhet al-Nusra group which kills and terrorizes people in Syria and destroys the country's infrastructure.

"The Turkish citizens are the ones who pay the price for the Turkish government's irresponsible pro-terrorism policy," Goral said.

In another context, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Leader of the Turkish Opposition Republican People's Party has stressed that reports by the Turkish media regarding the plan of the Development and Justice Party to prepare security reports against officials and MPs in the People's party, indicate that Turkey, under the leadership of the Justice and Development Party, has been transformed into a police state with its Prime Minister Recepe Tayyib Erdogan as a dictator who seized decision-making positions in the country.

Kilicdaroglu said Erdogan has tasked the state security apparatus to monitor the movements and acts of members of the Republican People's Party instead of monitoring the security and stability of the country.      

H. Mustafa  

Saudi prince rapes, kills Saudi girl

Police in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has confirmed the news that a girl had been raped and murdered by a Saudi prince,according to IIT.

The scandal was another loop in a chain of moral and ethical scandals on Saudi corrupt princes and their crime against Saudi citizens.

The story began when the witnesses in Samer, a Jeddah suburb, saw that a girl was dropped out of a JMC automobile and the car drives away, evening May 30. People witnessing the event immediately wrapped the girl in a blanket and contact the police.

After police arrived, preliminary investigation indicated that the girl had died. JMC plate number fed into the automobile surveillance system of traffic police and it revealed that it belonged to a Saudi prince.

Then, extensive investigation was launched, with the initial result that the prince was no other person than Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, who, met the girl in Wednesday evening in famous Al-Tuhayat shopping mall. The girl defied the prince.

Then, the girl was kidnapped by complicity of Tariq al-Maqrebi, an associate of the prince’s, and transferred to an unknown place, where she was sexually harassed.

The girl’s attempt to escape led to physical grapple between them, and finally to death of the girl. Saudi prince stripped the girl and dropped her out of his car.



Scores killed,wounded in Iraq

A suicide bomb at a cafe in central Iraq has killed at least 16 people and wounded another 35, officials say.

The blast happened in Balad, a largely town about 80km (50 miles) north of the capital Baghdad, according to BBC.

In a separate attack a bomb exploded near a football field in Muqdadiyah, also north of Baghdad, killing four people and wounding 14, officials said.

There have been a number of attacks on Iraqi cafes in recent weeks, during the holy month of Ramadan.

More than 60 people alone were killed during celebrations for Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan, earlier this week.

Most of the casualties were in Baghdad, which was hit by apparently co-ordinated car bombings near markets, cafes and restaurants.

This Ramadan in Iraq is thought to have been one of the deadliest in years, with more than 670 people killed. Many were targeted as they sat in cafes after breaking their daytime fast.

More than 4,000 people have died in such attacks this year. A further 9,865 have been injured, with Baghdad province the worst hit.


Occupation Authorities OK 942 New Settlement Units in Occupied Al-Quds

OCCUPIED AL-QUDS-The Israeli occupation municipality has approved 942 new settlement units for occupied Al-Quds, Israeli sources said Tuesday, on the eve of the scheduled resumption of so-called peace talks with the Palestinians, according to al-Manar website.

The units are in addition to the more than 1,000 settlement homes approved by the Zionist entity on Sunday, in a move that has angered the Palestinians and drawn fire from the international community.

"The Jerusalem municipality has approved a construction plan for 942 homes in Gilo," an existing settlement in occupied al-Quds, a municipality source told AFP. "This is a terrible decision which is a provocation against the Palestinians, the Americans and the whole world who oppose continued settlement building," the leftwing municipal councilor said.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, who convinced the two sides to return to the negotiating table after a three-year hiatus, urged the Palestinians "not to react adversely" to Israel's approval on Sunday for new homes in occupied al-Quds and the West Bank.

The last round of direct talks broke down when the occupying entity refused to halt its settlement construction on occupied Palestinian territory.

Israeli settlement watchdog Peace Now said the Jerusalem municipality was also mulling the construction of another 300 homes at a later stage. "The government is doing all it can to sabotage peace talks even before they've started," Peace Now's spokesman told AFP.


Tunisian armed forces launch air strikes on "militants"

Tunisian warplanes carried out airstrikes on Monday on the positions of al-Qaeda-affiliated rebels in the western border region where eight soldiers were killed in an ambush two weeks ago, media reports said.

Fighter jets attacked the Jebel Sammama area of the Mount Chambi region, on the border with Algeria, the country's Mosaique FM radio and Business News website reported.

Mosaique FM quoted unnamed military and medical sources as saying a number of suspected radicals had been killed in the strikes.

The army began the offensive on Sunday, pounding the area with artillery fire, the reports said.

Business News reported that three terrorist suspects had been killed in Sunday's operations. Mosaique FM reported that four insurgents had been killed and several injured on Sunday.

The army says it has been hunting a cell linked to the al-Qaeda in the "Maghreb group", which operates out of northern Mali since December.

A number of soldiers have been killed in the wider operation.

On July 29 eight troops were shot dead when their vehicle was ambushed. Several more have been killed by landmines.

The operations come in the midst of a political crisis in Tunisia, deepened by the assassination on July 25 of opposition deputy Mohamed Brahmi.

The opposition is calling on the government to resign.