Turkey will pay price for supporting Syria militants: Iran MP

An Iranian lawmaker says the Turkish government will suffer the consequences of its wrong policy of supporting terrorist groups in Syria,according to Press TV.

“Supporting the extremist groups, which have infiltrated into Syria from different countries and have no respect for any principle, is one of the wrong policies that the Ankara government is pursuing,” Aziz Akbarian said on Wednesday.

 He went on to say that training terrorist groups  in Turkey, which come from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, will presage a dangerous future for that country.

On December 25, members of the main Turkish opposition party, the Republican People’s Party, said Libyan and Saudi terrorist groups are freely entering Syria via Turkey's border.

They added that Turkish military escorts and protects the militants on their way to join terrorist groups in Syria.

Analysts believe that the move is part of an anti-Syria plot hatched by the US, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to fuel the unrest in the country by increasing the number of militants fighting against the government.

    “Meddling in the internal affairs of Syria, which has a representative in the United Nations and is independent, is against the international law and will create new precedence for interfering in countries’ internal affairs,” Akbarian pointed out.

The Syrian government says the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the armed terrorists are foreign nationals.


Turkey, Qatar, KSA behind increasing violence in Syria: Nasrallah

Secretary General of the Hezbollah Resistance Movement Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, gestures as he addresses thousands of Shiite Muslims gathered for the Arbaeen, January 3, 2013.

The Hezbollah Secretary General says Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are responsible for fueling violence in Syria and the increase in casualties.

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks in a televised speech in the southern Lebanese town of Baalbek on the occasion of Arbaeen, which marks the 40th day after the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein .

He said Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are arming and funding militants fighting the Syrian government.

Nasrollah said the crisis in Syria has a political solution and cautioned that the continuation of the Syrian conflict would have dire consequences.

“If Syria’s battle continues, it will be long, bloody and destructive,” the Hezbollah secretary general pointed out.

Nasrallah said Lebanon in the most affected country in the Middle East by the crisis in Syria , calling on Lebanese political factions to refrain from any moves which would throw the country into turmoil.

He went on to say that the influx of Syrian refugees in Lebanon indicates a major humanitarian crisis, which must not be politicized.

The Hezbollah secretary general stressed that division is the most dangerous threat the Muslim nations face, saying Takfiri extremists are the product of the US seeking to sow discord among Muslims.

He said Takfiris are behind countless massacres and bombings in Muslim countries and particularly Syria.

He concluded that despite US and Israeli efforts to “isolate, blacklist and demonize Hezbollah such efforts against the resistance movement will get nowhere.”


Erdogan's Government Supports Terrorism in Syria

ANKARA,(ST) - Vice- President of the Turkish workers Party, Bulent  Assen Oglu, has confirmed that the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan supports terrorism in Syria and intervenes in the internal affairs of Syria in implementation to the lords of war and the colonial powers in the world.

In an article published yesterday on the Turkish Olossal Bakic site, Assen Oglu, denounced Erdogan's visit to the so-called refugee camp established by the government on the border with Syria, stressing that Erdogan and his government handed Turkey's capabilities to the war lords.
He also pointed out to the compliance of Erdogan's  government to the plans of dividing Turkey and the region, noting that his government  is training experts in the field of trade and services to meet the demands of the market and facilitate the process of exploiting the war lords to Turkey and its resources.
In an article published by the Turkish Enichag newspaper the turkish writer, Arslan Bulut, clarified that all steps carried out by the Erdogan government are in favor of the application of the U.S. plan to divide the region, led by Turkey, indicating that the Erdogan government proceeded to liquidate the leaders of the Turkish army across fabricated and false issues in application of this American plan.


Mild Quake Strikes Northern Iran

TEHRAN, (ST)- An earthquake measuring 2.6 on the Richter scale jolted the town of Hashtjin in Ardebil province, Northern Iran, on Thursday.        

The Seismological center of Ardebil province affiliated to the Geophysics Institute of Tehran University registered the quake at 05:56 local time.

The epicenter of the quake was located in an area 48.3 degrees in longitude and 37.4 degrees in latitude.

Iran is criss-crossed with fault lines, it is regularly hit by earthquakes, experiencing at least one slight tremor every day.

The worst in recent times was the earthquake which  hit Bam in southeastern Kerman province in December 2003, killing 31,000 people and destroying the city's ancient mud-built citadel.

The deadly quake in the country was in June 1990. It measured 7.7 on the Richter scale. About 37,000 people were killed and more than 100,000 injured in the northwestern provinces of Gilan and Zanjan. It devastated 27 towns and about 1,870 villages.


Jordanian Security Forces Fire Tear Gas against "Syrian Refugees" at al-Zaa'tari Camp

AMMAN, (ST) -The "Syrian refugees" at the Jordanian Al-Za'tari Camp have been experiencing miserable conditions due to maltreatment and lack of interest by the Jordanian authorities.

In a new development, eight "refugees" were wounded in clashes with Jordanian security forces. The security personnel fired tear gas against the "refugees" while protesting against their unacceptable circumstances and while trying to get blankets to protect themselves and their families from tough cold at the camp.

The incident raises concern about the kind of treatment these "Syrian refugees" are receiving in this camp, which originally established for political blackmailing and pressure.

  News about fires broken out, attacks, sexual abuses and political exploitation carried out against the "refugees" are repeatedly reported indicating the false promises they received from misleading parties.

Instead of uncovering the parties which misled these simple people and urged them to leave their homeland aiming at exploiting the refugees issue politically in order to put pressure on the Syrian state, the Jordanian authorities found nothing to give to the "refugees" except tear gas.

According to observers, the number of the "refugees" in this camp is small if compared to the capabilities of the countries which claim they host and support "Syrian refugees" particularly the Gulf States.