Lebanese FM: Arab League Part in Crisis in Syria

Beirut, (ST)- The Foreign and Expatriates Minister in the Lebanese Caretaker government Adnan Mansour has stressed that the way the Arab League (AL) has been dealing with the situation in Syria since the beginning of the crisis, has turned the AL to be part in this crisis and unable to attain any positive result in terms of finding a settlement.

In a statement to the Lebanese NBN channel, Mansour said the AL Charter and decisions must be adopted unanimously. "Syria is a sovereign state and any direct intervention in its affairs is a violation of international law," the Lebanese foreign minister added, stressing  that the way Syria's AL membership was suspended was illegal and against the AL Charter.

Mansour reiterated that national dialogue has been proved to be the only solution to the crisis in Syria, pointing out that the Syrian government has expressed complete readiness to launch dialogue.

H. Mustafa      

Self Distancing Means non Interference in Others Affairs- Lebanese FM

BEIRUT,(ST)_ Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour  stressed need to respect the bilateral agreements signed between Lebanon and Syria, noting that what is happening in Syria, is but  Syrian internal affair and that self-distancing means non-interference in the affairs of others.

"There  are bilateral agreements between us and Syria that must be respected and we have to avoid the risk .. It is not enough to say we want to dissociate from  the events in Syria," Mansour told a delegation representing  Lebanese Editors led by  Chairman Elias Aoun,  adding that "what is going there  for two years is  beyond  the Syrian framework to include the  region and we raised the slogan of self-distancing, considering that what is happening in Syria is an internal matter  and called for not letting the Lebanese border a conduit for intervention. "

Mansour explained that the policy of self-distancing means non-interference in the affairs of others , but  facts revealed  smuggling arms, and people and the confiscation of  Lutfallah 2  ship.


He also noted the issue of displaced Syrians due to security incidents , considering , " It is not our duty to assess  what is happening inside Syria if we want to adopt a policy of self-distancing, but we have to see the implications of what is happening on Lebanon  and if Lebanon  inclined to be Syria 's  soft  loin. "

He said that the reason that security incidents in northern Lebanon and the borders no longer a source of tension  is due to the Syrian Arab Army cleansing  of Talkalakh and al-Qusair  to Talkalkh from armed terrorists  .

Mansour reiterated that there is no solution to the crisis in Syria except through dialogue, pointing to a change in European attitudes regarding  this crisis.

Concerning  current conditions taking place in Egypt Mansour said that Lebanon respects the will of the Egyptian people, pointing out that Egypt is an Arab compass and a functioning state in the Arab world, for which " we hope  to restore  due role."


T. Fateh 

Dozens killed and injured in Egypt

Egypt faced a descent into chaos last night as violent clashes broke out across the country leaving at least 17 dead and dozens more injured,according to the Telegraph.

An army spokesman later said only blanks were used and there were a large number of injuries.

At least one body was filmed being carried away, and the "Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party" reported five dead.

As the day progressed, attack helicopters flew low over both pro- and anti-Morsi rallies in a show of strength. However, there was little security in front of some of the most sensitive areas, including Tahrir Square where anti-Morsi crowds continued to celebrate his downfall.

When it reached the October 6 bridge between Tahrir Square and the state television station," Brotherhood leaders" ordered it to head to join up with the Rabaa al-Adawiya protest.

But a large group of younger protesters headed to Tahrir Square, throwing stones and there was the sound of shots being fired. One man was driven away with wounds to the face.

The interim president, chief justice Adly Mansour, also announced the dissolution of the Shura, or upper house of parliament, the last Islamist-dominated government institution.

In other parts of the country, police stations and government buildings came under attack from "Brotherhood" protesters. In the north Sinai town of El-Arish, two policemen were killed when the building they were guarding came under fire from men on a motorbike.


Amnesty: Zionist entity Must Stop Bullying Palestinian Activists

Amnesty International condemned the Zionist entity  for "unrelenting campaign” of harassments of Palestinian rights activists, including Nariman Tamimi, who was placed under partial house arrest to prevent her taking part in peaceful protests, according to FNA.

This is the "latest in a litany of human rights violations against Nariman Tamimi, her family, and her fellow villagers. These arbitrary restrictions should be lifted immediately and the charges should be dropped," Middle-East and North Africa Director at Amnesty International Philip Luther said on Thursday.

Tamimi was arrested along with another activist Rana Hamadi on Friday last week, when villagers of Nabi Saleh walk towards a nearby spring in protest against the loss of their land, Alalam reported.

"They have been denied the basic human right to peacefully protest over land illegally seized by Israeli settlers, and the" Israeli judiciary" has used spurious legal tools to punish them for exercising their basic human right to peaceful protest," Luther stated.

According to Amnesty International, Tamimi and Hamadi have been charged with being in a "closed military zone." The trial is scheduled for Tuesday July 9.


Occupation Forces Detain 8 Palestinians in Ramallah Village

Israeli occupation  forces raided on Thursday the Budrus village in the central West Bank district of Ramallah and al-Bireh, detaining eight Palestinians, according  to  FNA.

Those detained were identified as Abdullah Shukri Awad, Ahmad Shukri Awad, Saadat Shaban Awad, Kamal Hassan Ali, Nasser Marar, Asrar Yousef Ibrahim, Mohammad Naem Marar, and Mohammad Abed al-Karim, Ma'an reported.

The occupation forces  also issued warrants for six Palestinians, ordering them to turn themselves in after they were not found after raiding their homes.