Larijani: Next Round of Nuclear Talks Test for West

Iranian Majlis Speaker, Ali Larijani, slammed the UN nuclear agency’s stance on the latest round of nuclear talks between Iran and the six major powers, stressing that the coming round would be a test for P5+1, al-Manar TV reported.

Addressing a Majlis open session on Sunday, Larijani said Westerners are seemingly looking for excuses in the talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - Russia, China, France, Britain and the US - plus Germany, which mainly focus on Iran’s nuclear energy program.

 “They should not do anything that compels the Islamic Republic to revise its interactive course,” Larijani added.

He noted that following recent Iran-P5+1 talks in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and some others made remarks that not only failed to help the process of negotiations but can actually be seen as an attempt to create obstacles in the path of the talks.

The top Iranian parliamentarian stated that Majlis is following talks between Iran and the P5+1 and considers the next round of negotiations as “a test of whether to weigh another option.”

Iran’s Majlis Speaker echoed the remarks of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, who pointed to the West’s track record of disregarding its own agreements and statement, noting that the next round of negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 group will be a test of Western sincerity.

Larijani further said that Westerners should know that their “carrot-and-stick” approach is not effective anymore.


Nawaal Sadawi warns Against Qatar Role in the Region

Tunisia ,(ST)_ Egyptian critic and  woman and human rights activist Nawal Saadawi warned against the  interference  of " Qatar tribe " in the internal affairs of the so-called "Arab Spring"  countries, especially Tunisia and Egypt.

In a statement to the Tunisian  (Mosaic FM) radio Sadaawi noted  agendas led by the US and  Israel through the  Qatari gate which  is funding Salafists to weaken Tunisia and Egypt through creating sectarian strife and introducing these peoples in a spiral of violence , accusing  Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt of receiving  orders from the Americans.

"Results of the so-called revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia after the accession  of religious currents  to power  are manifested in continued  oppression of women and the persecution of the Tunisian and Egyptian peoples , " Sadaawi indicated .

She  described Qatar as a tribe living on the ruins of American colonialism, noting that Al-Jazeera is a channel set up to implement  dangerous colonial agendas in the Arab region, pointing out that most of the Gulf states are originally  American colonies.

Saadawi demanded the need for separating religion and education, especially among children in the early phase of learning , and called for training  the child on creativity since early childhood.


T. Fateh

Lebanese army arrests 815 persons over illegality

BEIRUT,(ST)_ The Lebanese army announced it arrested 815 persons of different nationalities in  February for various reasons, including illegal stay ,possession or trafficking  of contraband and over not having  identity papers.

"In the context of maintaining security and stability and the fight against organized crime these persons were arrested", a statement by the guidance department of the Lebanese army said on Saturday.

The statement detailed that the Lebanese security confiscated 137 cars, 8 tanks, one bulldozer, 59 motorcycles in addition to large quantities of arms, ammunition and diverse military materiel, drugs and contraband.

The arrested persons and confiscated materials were delivered to competent authorities for further action.


T. Fateh

Iran Rejects AL Continued Suspension of Syria 's Membership

TEHRAN,(ST)_  Iran renewed rejection of the Arab League's position on continued suspension of Syria 's membership, criticizing its  ignorance of  the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people and continued  expansion of settlements.

" If  AL proceedings concerning the Zionist attacks and expansion of settlements   just at  one percent of those taken against the  steadfast Syrian people, then  modes of the  Arab world  will be changed and take  a different path from what we see now," Iranian Deputy  Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs  Hussein Amir Abdul Lahyan  said on Saturday, reiterating that" a political solution is the only way to resolve the crisis in Syria. "

The Iranian official warned against the repercussions of the terrorist practices carried out by armed groups in Syria on the region as a whole.


T. Fateh

Two Protestors Killed, Scores wounded in Egypt's Confrontations

Cairo, (ST) _Two Egyptian protesters were killed and dozens were injured and cases of suffocation were reported  due to escalated  confrontations on Saturday afternoon at  Qasr al-Nil Bridge near Tahrir Square in Cairo, and  Egyptian security forces' use of cartridges and tear gas against demonstrators.

Head of the Egyptian Authority for Relief  Dr. Mohamed Sultan detailed that   one  protester died  in Qasr Al-Aini hospital as a result of an acute respiratory problem  and 9 others were wounded from dumping of tear gas  heavily

News reports in Cairo quoted  security sources that  two people, a man in his 30s and a young boy, had died in Cairo from the effects of tear gas and rubber bullets. A total of 65 people were injured.

In Port Said, where the army took over security in the city centre from the police on Friday, about 2,000 residents who want the local fans spared execution blockaded ferries crossing the Suez Canal. Witnesses said youths also untied moored speedboats used to supply shipping on the waterway, hoping the boats would drift into the path of passing vessels.

Military police recovered five speedboats and brought them back to shore, but two were still drifting, one witness said.

Authorities controlling the Canal, an artery for global trade and major income source for the Egyptian government, said through traffic had not been affected. "The canal ... is safe and open to all ships passing through it," Suez Canal Authority spokesman Tarek Hassanein told the MENA news agency.

"In a separate security threat, the Egyptian Interior Ministry ordered police in the Sinai Peninsula to raise their state of alert after receiving intelligence that jihadists might attack them, MENA reported.

Officials have expressed growing worries about security in the desert region, which borders Israel and is home to a number of tourist resorts.

General unrest is rife as Egypt's poor suffer badly from the economic crisis. Foreign currency reserves have slid to critically low levels and are now little more than a third of what they were in the last days of Mubarak.

The Egyptian pound has lost 14 percent against the dollar since the 2011 incidents  and the budget deficit is soaring to unmanageable levels due to the cost of fuel and food subsidies.


T. Fateh