Yemeni Paper: Confiscated Ship in Yemen Carrying Weapons for terrorists in Syria

A Yemeni daily disclosed on Monday that the arms cargo confiscated off the country's coasts was headed for the terrorist  groups in Syria, dismissing the western media allegations that the weapons cargo was sent to the Yemeni rebels by Iran,according to FNA.

Yemen's Aloulaye daily quoted informed sources as saying that the shipment of weapons and explosives which was intercepted off Yemen's coasts was planned to be transferred to the terrorist (FSA) group.

The sources added on the condition of anonymity that the ship has entered Yemeni waters after receiving an official permission from a government department in Yemen and without the knowledge of the country's Defense Ministry which is the sole authority in charge of such permissions.



Occupation aggression on Syria is an aggression on Lebanon – Lebanese FM

BEIRUT, (ST) Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Adnan Mansour said he would raise the issue of the Israeli warplanes violation of the Lebanese airspace in its raid waged against the scientific research facility in rural Damascus at the Summit of the Organization of Islamic (OIC) Cooperation in Cairo.

In a pre-departure statement to Cairo at Beirut's airport, Mansour  added:" Since its inception until today Israel has been practicing  repeated attacks, not only against Lebanon but against all peoples of the region and their countries and  sovereignty."

"The Israeli aggression on Syria is but an aggression on Lebanon because the Israeli aircraft violated and still violate Lebanese airspace, a matter which constitutes a continued assault on the sovereignty of Lebanon and   other neighboring countries." Mansour added.



Bahraini Opposition Figure Blasts Al-Khalifa for Using Different Torturing Techniques

 Ali al-Mashima, the son of Bahrain's renowned opposition leader Hassan al-Mashima, lashed out the al-Khalifa regime for using various torturing techniques against revolutionary forces in the country.

The prison guards blindfold and handcuff the inmates and keep them in that position for the whole day, and while lying them on the ground, they start beating them as well as insulting them, Ali al-Mashima told FNA on Sunday.

He said security forces and prison guards use different torturing techniques, such as electric shock and pouring cold water on them in humid and dark prison cells and then keeping them in front of a cooler and in freezing conditions, not just to take confessions, but to humiliate the revolutionary leaders and opposition figures to wear off their resolve and determination.

In August 2011, al-Mashima said that various torturing techniques are used in the al-Khalifa prisons to extract information and punish the revolutionary forces, and revealed that Bahrain's prince has a direct role in the torturing and interrogation of the detainees.

"Nasser, the son of the Bahraini king is involved in the torturing of the detainees and this has been revealed and proved to us," Ali al-Mashima' told FNA at the time.

He also reiterated that Sheikh Mohammad al-Meghdad and Sheikh al-Mahrous, two of the opposition leaders, have confirmed the presence of Nasser al-Khalifa in the process of their interrogation and torturing.

Anti-government protesters have been holding peaceful demonstrations across Bahrain since mid-February 2011, calling for an end to the al-Khalifa dynasty's over-40-year rule, end of discrimination, establishment of justice and a democratically-elected government as well as freedom of detained protesters.

So far, tens of people have been killed, hundreds have gone missing and thousands of others have been injured.


Jalili: Sabotage, terrorist attempts in Syria will have no result

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili has stated  that the ongoing terrorist attempts and sabotage in Syria would have no result.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Syria's Minister for National Reconciliation Ali Haidar, according to IRNA.

Speaking to Haidar, Jalili expressed satisfaction with a progressing political trend presently underway among various Syrian political groups and the government.

Jalili reiterated that the only way out of the present Syrian crisis is a diplomatic solution.

Meanwhile, Haidar  briefed Jalili on various comprehensive plans made by the Syrian government to encourage the spirit of national reconciliation among different walks of the Syrian society and encourage the trend of reconstructing the country.

Referring to the Zionist regime’s air raid on Syria, the Iranian official said

the Islamic world would not tolerate any moves by the enemies, particularly the Zionist regime, to invade Syria.


General: Zionist regime to go into coma with Syria reaction

 Deputy Chief of Staff of Armed Forces Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri said Zionist regime will go into coma with Syria reaction,according to IRNA.

General Jazayeri stressed that criminals should know that in the new era every act will bring a heavy retaliatory reaction.

He blamed heads of certain states that knew about the Zionist regime intention against Syria and called them partners of the crime.