Saleh calls for investigation into the use of violence against demonstrators and security forces

Baghdad, (ST) - Iraqi President Barham Saleh has stressed the need to follow up investigation to know the perpetrators of violence against demonstrators and security forces.

The Joint Operations Command in Iraq announced the death of 104 people, including eight members of the security forces, and the injury of 6,000 others during the demonstrations, indicating the presence of malicious hands behind the violence and stressing that there are investigations to find out who targeted them.

"Investigative procedures should be followed up to find out who used violence against demonstrators and security forces", Saleh was quoted by the Iraqi News Agency as saying during a meeting yesterday with Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi and the head of the judiciary council, Faiq Zeidan. The meeting focused on the issue of combating corruption and protecting journalists.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Security and Defense Committee warned of the existence of sleeper cells and organized gangs that may be active in the Iraqi capital Baghdad in the coming era.

The Operations Command of the Iraqi capital Baghdad has announced the arrest of a number of people among the demonstrators who planned to cause chaos and were carrying Molotov cocktails during the recent demonstrations.

Raghda Sawas

Khamenei: Enemy plot to divide the Iranian and Iraqi peoples will fail

Tehran,( ST) - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said that the Iranian and Iraqi peoples are connected through faith and that an enemy plot seeking to sow discord between the two will fail.

 In a tweet on Twitter, Khamenei stressed the depth of ties between the peoples of the two countries and said that these links will become more and more close day by day, pointing out that the enemies are trying to divide them but they are unable to do so and their conspiracy will have no effect.

A spokesman for the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Shura Council, Hossein Naqvi Hosseini, said that the United States, Zionists, Takfirists and some Wahhabi regimes in the region are involved in creating chaos in Iraq.
"Iraq is an independent country with historical roots and has an elected democratic government. It is natural that some protests arise on economic issues just like in other countries, as we have seen in France, where protests have been going on for 250 days," Hosseini added.

 Raghda Sawas

Palestinians injured when hundreds of settlers stormed "Yousef Tomb" area in Nablus

OCCUPIED TERRITORIES, (ST) - A number of Palestinians were injured and suffered suffocation after more than 1000 Israeli settlers at dawn on Monday stormed "Yousef Tomb" area in the east of Nablus in the West Bank and opened fire and threw gas bombs against the Palestinians under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces, Wafa News Agency reported.

Israeli Enemy warplanes renew violation of Lebanese airspace

Beirut, ST - Israeli warplanes renewed violations of Lebanese airspace and carried out a circular flight this morning over the southern and western Bekaa areas.

A statement issued today by the Directorate of Guidance at the Lebanese Army Command said that “seven hostile Israeli warplanes and reconnaissance aircraft violated Lebanese airspace and carried out circular flights over Beirut and its suburbs of Baabda and Aley, over the Shouf and South areas, the West Bekaa areas and over the Jbeil areas to the eastern Bekaa and then planes left towards the occupied lands.”

Zarif underlines the urgency of respecting sovereignty of the region’s countries including Syria

On October 6, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif affirmed that there is no place for terrorism in the region and that no one should allow terrorists to proceed from his country to attack others, pointing out that the security of the countries of the region is achieved through commitment to respect, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries, including Syria.
Attending the meeting of the Islamic Shoura Council held today, Zarif pointed out that respecting Syria's sovereignty and implementing the Adana agreement between the two countries is the only way to ensure Turkey's security.