Iran will continue Efforts to Reach Political Solution to Syria Crisis- Spokesman

TEHRAN, (ST) _ Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry  Abbas Araghchi,  stressed his country's position in support of any initiative to resolve the crisis in Syria politically , especially  the Russian efforts, , pointing out that Iran will continue consultations and efforts with all countries to reach  a political and peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria , in the interest Syrian people.

"Iran is supporting the International Conference to be held in Geneva on Syria and hopes to convene it at due time  and with countries concerned with the Syrian issue",  Araghchi said at a press conference yesterday , stressing Iran's participation in the Conference if officially, invited  and that "the Syrian opposition" is facing problems because they have not yet agreed to participate in the conference and  how to elect representatives.

 Araghchi denied allegations on Iran sending  troops to Syria noting that  "the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army do not require such aids  but are capable of addressing the armed terrorist groups and defeat them."

He added that  his country did not  expect the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to cut ties with Syria, pointing out that Egypt  should  have constructive presence in regional issues  through political dialogue, noting that Iran will continue its contacts with Egypt on Syria to reach a solution to the crisis there.

As for  the Iranian presidential elections Araghchi stressed that the vast Iranian participation in the presidential election demonstrated the popular support for the political system, as  a strong supporter of Iran.

On  the Iranian nuclear program for peaceful purposes,  Araghchi said that Iran is committed to the decisions and international conventions of  the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and will continue to cooperate with it, noting  "If the agency expects more commitments, a new framework for such cooperation is needed ."

 Araghchi pointed out that Iran refused statements proclaimed by Yukiya Amano, head of are not pertinent to his  technical role and experience, stressing that Iran has always expressed and showed good faith to continue talks with (IAEA). 

T. Fateh 

Al-Faraj ignites Twitter outrage

Saudi News Today,(ST)-  Saudi sport journalist, Walid al-Faraj's Tweets on the social networking site "Twitter" sparked controversy among users through appealing to his nation's sons to avoid preachers who incite them for jihad in Syria, saying:

"My nation's sons, beware of those who claim Jihad or those who ask you for jihad in Syria,"   asserting the desire in clarifying the idea "why, your masters do not send their own sons to jihad while they want to sacrifice the nation's sons?

Al-Faraj pointed out to the recent Mohammad al-Ourefi's sermons he made a few days ago in the Egyptian capital Cairo in which al-Faraj rejects al-Ourefi's call by directing youth to do jihad in Syria.

In another twitter, al-Faraj warned against getting civilians in Saudi Arabia involved in killing, explosion and bomb manufacturing training in the restive areas, asserting that the danger will engulf the Saudi Arabia due to the mentioned acts when the  jihadists come back to Saudi Arabia.


Iran's President-Elect: Syrian People Should Decide Own Fate

TEHRAN - Iran's President-Elect Hassan Rouhani underlined the Islamic Republic's support for a peaceful and political solution to the crisis in Syria, saying that the country's people should decide their own fate,according to FNA.

"Syria's people are in charge of resolving the crisis and the Syrian nation is the final decision-maker in Syria who determines the fate of that country …," Rouhani said in his first press conference after winning the presidential election on Friday

He underlined Iran's strong opposition to terrorism, and expressed the hope that "peace and tranquility would be restored in Syria soon with the help of the regional and the world countries, and that whatever happens in Syria would be exactly what the Syrian nation wants."

Iranian officials have repeatedly underlined that Tehran is in favor of negotiations between the Syrian government and "opposition groups" to create stability in the Middle Eastern country.

Last November, Iran hosted a meeting between the representatives of the Syrian government and opposition to encourage them to start talks to find a political solution to their problems. The National Dialogue Conference kicked off work in Tehran mid-November with the motto of 'No to Violence, Yes to Democracy".

The meeting brought together almost 200 representatives of various Syrian ethnicities, political groups, minorities, the opposition, and state officials.


Rohani pledges “constructive interaction” with world


Iran’s president-elect Hassan Rohani says he will seek “constructive interaction” with the world through a moderate policy after he takes the oath of office in early August.

Rohani, who was speaking in his first press conference on Monday, said his administration of “Foresight and Hope” will follow a “moderate” policy line in serving national objectives.

    “Your administration, i.e. the Administration of Foresight and Hope, will deliver on its promises in saving the economy, reviving ethics and interacting constructively with the world through a moderate policy,” Rohani noted.

Rohani said his administration will take steps to ease “cruel sanctions” which have been imposed against Iran.

“The Iranian nation has not done any wrong action to deserve these sanctions. Sanctions are an outdated instrument and they will harm the West more than Iran due to their economic turmoil,” he added.

Rohani, a former chief nuclear negotiator, said Iran will manage to have the sanctions eased by showing “more transparency” and trying to “build confidence” with the world.

He noted that Iran has been transparent in its nuclear energy program.


100 Arrested as Major Turkish Unions Go on Strike

TEHRAN - Hundreds of antigovernment protesters were reportedly arrested in Turkey as two major trade unions went on a nationwide strike, according to FNA.

According to the Ankara and Istanbul bar associations, some 600 people were detained on Sunday as part of a crackdown on protests that have gripped the country for about three weeks.

Riot police were still firing volleys of tear gas and water at pockets of demonstrators in Istanbul and the capital Ankara early on Monday.

Meanwhile, the country's KESK and DISK trade unions, which together represent hundreds of thousands of workers, called a one-day stoppage to object to the police violence against demonstrations and said they planned to hold demos in the late afternoon.

"Our demand is for police violence to end immediately," KESK spokesman Baki Cinar told AFP, adding that the unions would be joined by striking engineers, dentists and doctors.

Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Guler condemned the walkout as "illegal" and warned strikers not to take to the streets, as the government battled to clamp down on nearly three weeks of nationwide civil protests.

Demonstrations against the Gezi Park plan erupted in Istanbul's Taksim Square over two weeks ago, and soon spread nationwide and turned into antigovernment protests.

Turkish police fired tear gas and water cannon to prevent hundreds of protesters reaching the central Taksim Square, scene of violent protests in which hundreds were wounded.

Antigovernment demonstrators wearing handkerchiefs and surgical masks chanted "unite against fascism" and "government resign" as they tried to walk down the street to Taksim, a witness said.

It later spread to 67 cities across the country and turned into clashes between protesters and the police, which have left four people dead, over 7,500 wounded and thousands detained thus far.

The protesters vowed to go ahead with their "struggle" .