The Syrians should Alone Decide their Political Future: Russia , Iran




MOSCOW-TEHRAN,(ST)_ Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Elias Ahumakhanov stressed on Tuesday that Russia is committed to its position that the fate of Syria must be only decided by the Syrian people.

Russia today website quoted  Ahumakhanov saying during a meeting with Hussein  Amir Abdul Allahaan, Deputy Iranian Foreign Minister for Arab Affairs in Moscow as saying the Russian  Parliament, government and head of state  "are committed to a unified stance concerning  the Syrian situation."

He added: "We proceed from the fact that the fate of Syria must be decided by the Syrian people alone , and any  attempt from the outside to impose  any  model, will regrettably  lead to the  escalation of the situation."

He went on that  a lot of Russian citizens are living in Syria, so that : "For us, the situation also carries a human dimension."

For his part, Abdul Allahaan stressed that Iran  considers Russia strategic partner and supports the close cooperation between the two countries in many areas.

Meantime, Spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry, Ramin Mehmanparast on Tuesday renewed his country’s position provides for finding out a peaceful solution for the crisis in Syria  through dialogue between the Syrians themselves, noting that the  West especially the USA wants to decide the fate and future of Syria on behalf of the Syrian people, who alone must decide their own political future and the ruling system in their country.

In a press conference  quoted by al-Alam TV on Tuesday,  Mehmanparast called on  the Western countries  which allege  democracy and human rights protection  to let the Syrian people  decide their future by themselves, away from their interventions.

 The Iranian official warned against the support of the west and certain regional and Arab countries to terrorists in Syria via sending money and weapons, stressing that this will further  endanger the security and safety  of the  Syrians and  even more lead to the expansion of the crisis in the region.

He called on  all parties to pressure the armed groups to pressure in order to achieve peace and security in Syria, provides the ground for a serious national dialogue for the crisis through  adopted democratic means.

Concerning  Iran's position on the deployment of the Patriot  missiles on the  Turkish-Syrian border the Iranian official said:  "All countries should seek to bring peace and security in the region and any action undermines the security of this region must be alienated,  and we recommend Turkish officials to cooperate with neighboring  countries to establish  security and peace in the region."

He held the  Western countries and NATO responsible  for the lack of security and peace in the Middle East , noting that “ they  did not have good experiences in  interfering in the affairs of our region."

As for  the Iranian nuclear issue , the Iranian official said  :"The West must respect the rights of our people and to remove the alleged concern about Iran's peaceful nuclear project and pursue a policy of dialogue, which is the right way to maintain a solution. "


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Zionist army Open Fire At Farmers In Gaza




 (pressTV-ST) Israeli soldiers attacked, Sunday, dozens of Palestinian farmers working on their lands in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip; damage was reported, no injuries.

Local sources reported that the soldiers, stationed around 200 – 250 meters across the border fired rounds of live ammunition at the Palestinian farmers while working in their land close to the border fence.

Correspondent of the Press TV in Gaza, Ashraf Shannon, stated that the army opened fire at the farmers and the TV crew that was filming a report on the ongoing Israeli violations against the residents in the coastal region.

Shannon added that the army was unprovoked, and that the residents were just working in their farmlands when the soldiers starting firing at them.

On Friday evening, two Palestinians were shot and wounded when Israeli soldiers opened fire at them as they worked in their lands close to the border east of Khan Younis, and in Jabalia.

Press TV added that on November 21, its correspondent Akram Al-Sattari, was injured when the army conducted an airstrike targeting a hotel where dozens of reporters were staying.

The attack was carried out on the same day Egypt brokered the ceasefire agreement between Israel and the resistance in Gaza ending the eight-day Israeli military aggression in the coastal region.

It is worth mentioning that the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip reported that 191 Palestinians, including children, women and elderly, have been killed by Israeli military fire in Gaza in November, including those killed during the war, and that the number of injured Palestinians in the same month reached 1492.

The Information Center of the Palestinian Ministry Of Health Information said that 48 children, including 16 under the age of five, have been killed by Israeli missiles and shells, in addition to 12 women and 20 elderly.

The Center added that 1492 Palestinians, including 533 children (195 under the age of 5), 254 women and 103 elderly have been injured by Israeli fire and shells. Furthermore, four Palestinians have been killed after the ceasefire agreement was reached, and 54 have been injured.





Lebanese Patriarch: Syria is an Example for Coexistence




BEIRUT,(ST)_ The  Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros al-Rai  reiterated his stand  by  securing  Syria 's unity, rejecting foreign intervention and the need to preserve national unity and fraternity among the Syrian people.

During  his meeting with a  delegation  representing Damascus 's bishops , clerics and scholars , in the presence of Syria's Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim , al-Rai called for preserving Syria , as  a vivid example of co-existence at the regional and global levels.

Members of the delegation, led by Deputy Minister of Awqaf for Religious Affairs Dr. Tayseer Abu Khashriv  congratulated Patriarch al-Rai   on the occasion  of his investiture  as a cardinal. They expressed pride  over Syria 's  solid national unity  against hatched  conspiracy, in which involved all evils of the world , bringing in terrorists from all over the earth.

The delegation stressed that Syria  is strong and that  its national unity is enhanced further in  rejection of foreign intervention and political  financing  provided in support of these terrorist forces.

They  also expressed confidence that Syria  will be  triumphed against the global war and their entrusted faith on the solid  vision  the Syrian leadership enjoyed by   President Basher Al-Assad in maintaining  Syria 's sovereignty, dignity and national unity.

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Egypt opposition denies legality of first-stage referendum

"We want to re-run the voting process on the first stage of the constitution referendum because the violations and forgeries which were committed can't lead to real expressive results," Hussein Abdel Ghani, spokesman of Egyptian opposition National Salvation Front told Xinhua.

The first stage of the referendum of Egypt's draft constitution ended Saturday night .

Due to the high turnout, the closing time of the referendum was extended from 7:00 p.m. local time (1700 GMT) to 11:00 p.m. (2100 GMT).

The historic referendum was planned to run in two stages, according to a republican decree issued by President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday, and the second stage is set for Dec. 22.

Ghani said more than 700 complaints were submitted to the Higher Elections Committee and other 500 proclamations submitted to the prosecution administration against the referendum.

"Now, we are discussing with some constitutional law experts on the legality of the first stage amid such exorbitant violations." he said, adding that there are some groups in his front will file lawsuits against the results of the first round, because they doubt the identity of some judges who supervised the referendum.

"We want a voting process based on the transparency principles to express about real majority." he added.

The unofficial results of the first stage of Egypt's constitution referendum show that 56.5 percent of voters said "yes " for the constitution, state-run al-Ahram online reported Sunday.

In a statement issued later Sunday by the National Salvation Front, led by liberal and leftist politicians including former diplomat Mohamed ElBaradei, and former presidential candidates Amr Moussa and Hamdeen Sabahy, called all Egyptians to rally in Tahrir Square and other squares on Tuesday, protesting the first stage violations.

"By these demonstrations, we want our voices to reach to the Higher Elections Committee and the president." he said.

Ghani also said that the front asks the Higher Elections Committee to uncover the results of the complaints submitted against the first stage.

"We want to know if the elections committee investigated the complaints, and we want it to ensure us that it will provide enough judges to supervise the polling stations." said Ghani


Noting that the front does not recognize any results except the results the Higher Elections Committee issues, Ghani said that the primary indexes revealed that the constitution is not accepted by the majority, even if those who said "Yes" are more than those who said "No".

"Approving the constitution can't lead to stability, because it doesn't represent and protect the rights of the whole Egyptians," Ghani said.

"The front's demand to postpone the referendum until a consensus be reached was the most proper solution for the current conflict and division the state is living now." he added.

"We will escalate our protest by all civil ways, we won't leave the squares, we will call for a strike, and we won't give up awaking the people about their rights," Ghani said.



Dialogue is the only solution in Syria,says Nasralla




Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed that dialogue is the only solution to the crisis in Syria,adding that refusing dialogue in Syria “means the continuity of the battle and the bloodshed.”

Nasralla remarks came during a graduation ceremony which was organized by Hezbollah’s Taabia’a Tarbawiya (Educational Youth Association of Hezbollah),

He also addressed al-Qaeda, saying it was being trapped by the West which opens a front to its elements  to fight in Syria...  M.D

The following are excerpts from the Speech:

Sayyed Nasrallah: “Where is the moral stance from the Syrian people who are being killed, thrown from roofs and slaughtered by the armed opposition?”

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed that the “powerful” Zionist entity was over, and forever, following the defeat it faced in the last offensive against Gaza.

During a graduation ceremony which was organized by Hezbollah’s Taabia’a Tarbawiya (Educational Youth Association of Hezbollah), Sayyed Nasrallah said that March 14 through its boycott to the parliament sessions was putting Hezbollah in front of two choices: either holding the 2013 election according to 1960 law or not holding the vote at all.

His eminence advised March 14 camp not to go on with their “wrong calculations” by betting on the fall of the Syrian regime and to sit for dialogue to end the ongoing crisis in Lebanon.

Hezbollah S.G. noted that the crisis in Syria was being more complicated; saying that refusing dialogue in Syria “means the continuity of the battle and the bloodshed.”

He also addressed al-Qaeda, saying it was being trapped by the West which opened a front to extremist militants to fight in.

Sayyed Nasrallah said that he was so glad to see a March 14 delegation visiting Gaza and expressing its support to the resistance there.

On the relation with the Palestinian resistance movements, his eminence stressed it was normal especially with Hamas, saying all what was circulated in media about a strained relation between Hezbollah and Hamas were wishes and not reality.


Elaborating in the local issues, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that the March 14 camp’s boycott to the parliamentary sessions aimed to hinder approving a new electoral law.

“March 14 camp’s boycott is not aimed at holding pressure on the government. However it aimed at suspending the Parliament in a bid to stand in the way of approving a new electoral law.”

“The other side through its boycott is seeking to put us in front of two choices: either a vote under the law of 1960 or no election at all, and both of choices are bad,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

His eminence slammed March 14 for betting on the foreign powers as saying: “since two years ago you have been committing the same fault. You are a political faction that depends on foreign forces.”

Sayyed Nasrallah added that the government was not toppled in front of March 14 pressure because of the international behavior, and not because Hezbollah’s adherence to.

He set a plan in order to solve the ongoing crisis in the country, saying March 14 camp has wrong calculations as they bet on the fall of the Syrian regime.

“I advise March 14 not to go on with its wrong calculations, to halt its boycott and to go ahead to the parliament to discuss the election law.”

“In order to solve the ongoing crisis we should sit to dialogue, discuss election law and following the vote we should form a government which is represented according to this vote,” Sayyed Nasrallah added.


On the ongoing crisis in the neighboring Syria, Sayyed Nasrallah said it became more complicated and of long-term, noting that the opposition could not secure a military achievement.

“In Syria things are being more complicated and the one who thinks that the opposition can control is mistaken.”

Hi eminence noted that the Syrian people were divided, stressing that the strife was not between a regime and people.

“The strife in Syria is not between the regime and the people. This description is not true.”

“In Syria, the popular partition becomes a reality, since there is a regime which has his own people in front of other people who was supported by foreign forces which led to a armed confrontation.”

“There is a regime that has been defending its principles and armed groups who have been engaged in a harsh fight and the battle in Syria is of long-term.”

He condemns the ongoing explosions which have been targeting civilians in the Syrian cities, stressing that a political settlement is the only way to solve the crisis in Syria.

“Who talks about morals I would like to ask him: are the people of Qatanah, Jalab, Jermanah or other cities which are targeted by car bombs Syrians?” Sayyed Nasrallah wondered.

“Where is the moral stance from the Syrian people who are being killed, thrown from roofs and slaughtered by the armed opposition?”

“Refusing dialogue in Syria means the continuity of the battle and the bloodshed.”

He addressed al-Qaeda which has been sending militants to fight in Syria, as saying: “some Islamic and Western governments have set a trap for you in Syria and you were fallen in this trap.”

“There are regional powers which benefit from the continuity of the battle in Syria,

” Hezbollah S.G. said, adding: “The US does not want for the battle in Syria to be over in order to have more killed in a bid to exhaust Syria and delete it from the national consideration.”


On Gaza, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that the powerful, giant and frightful Zionist entity was over, after the latest offensive against the besieged strip last month.

 “Just three missiles were enough to force the Israeli leader ship to go to shelter, and to surrender in front of an unarmed and besieged strip,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

“Israel was defeated and it asked for a diplomatic solution,” his eminence said, adding: “we should write down that the powerful, giant and frightful Israel is over… forever.”

He added that the Zionist entity has been descending since the year of 2000 “when it withdrew from our land humiliated without a pre-condition.”

Concerning the relation with the Palestinian resistance factions, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed it was normal, especially with Hamas.

“To all who talked during Gaza offensive and after it, supposing that the relation between Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran was strained, I say this is not true.”

“Analysis was a lot, claiming that Hamas has gone out of the Persian heart to the Arabic heart… through experience we know that all what were circulated (in media) were just wishes and not reality.”

“I say about this relation it is normal and nothing has been change,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, adding that Iran was doing its ideological duty.

In this context, Hezbollah leader urged Palestinian factions to say if Iran has interfered in the Palestinian affairs.

“Throughout 30 years, Iran has been supporting the Palestinian resistance without conditions. It expected nothing… even the word thank you.”


Sayyed Nasrallah welcomed any move to support Palestine by the Arab countries, stressing that Iran had no condition in return for its support.

“If the Arab countries want to provide Gaza with money, weapons and missiles then we salute these countries and support this move, something that could save Iran’s money, his eminence said kidding.

 “All what Iran wants for the Palestinians is to return their land, nothing else.”

“Who wants to hold the resistance flag?... Egypt.. then we say we are beside you and behind you for the sake of Palestine.”


On a visit made by March 14 delegation to Gaza in a bid to congratulate the resistance there for the victory in the latest offensive, Sayyed Nasrallah welcomed the coalition’s position.

“A March 14 delegation visited Gaza to congratulate the resistance there for its victory, and I was so glad. It’s a good thing.. I encourage this group to go to Gaza.”

“We don’t want from March 14 camp to support the resistance weapon in Lebanon. It is enough to congratulate the resistance in Gaza for its triumph.”

“Some March 14 figures said when it was back from Gaza he would not abandon a span of hand of the Palestinian territories… It’s excellent.. If Gaza visit changes your mind on the resistance then we would send you in the next time at our expenses,” Sayyed Nasrallah addressed March 14, kidding.


On the other hand, Hezbollah leader stressed the need to pay attention to the ongoing living crisis in Lebanon, as he praised the graduates who were taking part in the ceremony.

“This ceremony presents the real image of the Resistance and Hezbollah in Lebanon,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, adding: “The students who belong to this resistance are those who study and fight. Some of them were martyred as they were studying at the university while others were martyred shortly after they were graduated.”

“This assures that this Faithful path of Jihad is a movement of scientific and humanitarian building as well as it is a movement of liberation and dignity.”

“We seek through our educated people to serve our country, develop it, solve its problems and defend it.”

As he called for paying more attention to the Lebanese University, Sayyed Nasrallah said that the system of ranks and salaries should be approved.

“Our National University should be paid more attention since it’s the university of poor people.”

“The government should approve the system of ranks and salaries according to its abilities.”

“The state, including all its institutions, should solve the living crisis. It’s not only the government’s responsibility,” Hezbollah S.G. said, as he regretted that “many Lebanese factions do not take notice of the living crisis.”

“Since 2004 the most important issue according to some political factions in Lebanon has been the resistance and its weapon,” Sayyed Nasrallah noted.

“In the latest years all plots to topple the resistance have failed as well as the military wars,” his eminence stressed, adding: “Everyone Knows that the resistance which defeated “Israel” is taking root and present in its people sentiment.”

Marwa Haidar: almanar website