Sudan Is Being Exposed to a Siege Seeking Its Disintegration: Sudan's PM

KHARTOUM, (ST)- Sudan's Prime Minister Mu'taz Mousa has stressed the importance of dialogue to surpass the crisis in his country, pointing out that Sudan is being exposed to a siege aiming at fragmenting it.

"Fragmentation scheme continues from Korea to Venezuela," said the Sudanese Premier.

The Sudanese news Agency (SUNA) quoted Mousa as saying on Satuurday in a consultative meeting with directors of Sudanese media institutions that "the freedom of expression is a guarnteed right, but any action that comes within the framework of acts of sabbotage and chaos is rejected".

Griffiths in Sana'a to Push Hudaydah Ceasefire amid Reported Clashes

The UN envoy for Yemen has arrived in the capital Sana’a to discuss a recent UN-sponsored peace agreement on the country's lifeline port city of Hudaydah amid reported clashes between the warring parties.

In Sweden on December 13, Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement and the country’s former Saudi-backed government, reached an agreement on a ceasefire in the Houthi-held port .

Martin Griffiths, who arrived in Sana’a on Saturday, is scheduled to discuss the truce with Houthi leaders and will later travel to the Saudi capital Riyadh to meet with former Yemeni government officials, according tp Press TV.

Palestinians Hurt in Clashes with Zionist Army in Nablus

Dozens of Palestinians were injured in clashes with Zionist  forces near the West Bank city of Nablus at dawn Thursday, local sources have said, IRNA reported.

One Journalist and one paramedic were injured by rubber bullets, while dozens more suffered from the effects of excessive teargas, according to local medical sources, Anadolu Agency reported.

Yemeni Army Targets Saudi Mercenaries in Hajjah

Yemen’s army on Thursday shelled gatherings of mercenaries belonging to the US-backed Saudi-led coalition in Hajjah province, a military official said.

The army’s artillery shelled these gatherings in the east of Nar Mountain in Harad district, Saba news agency reported.

Dozens of militants were killed and injured during this artillery attack, added the official.

The army’s artillery and rocketry force also shelled Saudi army and their mercenaries in several areas of Jizan province, according to another military official.

Zionist Entity Acts at 'Military Level' Amid US Sanctions on Iran

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says he had “insisted” that the US re-impose sanctions on Iran, adding Tel Aviv complements economic pressures with its own actions "at the military level.”

US President Donald Trump “is acting against Iran at the economic level and we here in Israel are acting against Iran at the military level,” Netanyahu said in an address to Israeli military cadets on Thursday.

By military actions, Netanyahu apparently meant airstrikes against what Israel calls Iranian positions in Syria.