President Rouhani Selects Three Female Vice Presidents

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday appointed three women to work as his aides and vice-presidents.

According to President Rouhani's decrees, Massoumeh Ebtekar will work as Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs, Laya Joneydi as Vice-President for Legal Affairs and Shahindokht Molaverdi as aide to President for Citizens' Rights Affairs.

Before today appointments, Ebtekar and Molaverdi were head of Department of Environment and vice-president for women and family affairs, respectively.

Yemen Urges Active EU Role in Peace Efforts

Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, which runs state affairs, has voiced its readiness to support any measure aimed at resolving the deadly conflict in the impoverished state, calling on the European Union (EU) to play an active role in the process.

Saleh Ali al-Sammad, the Council’s head, made the remarks in a meeting on Tuesday with Antonia Calvo Puerta, the head of the EU delegation to Yemen, the official Saba’ Net news agency reported.

Zionist Entity Attacks Gaza Causing Casualties

Three Palestinians have been injured after Zionist warplanes carried out raids on the Gaza Strip, local medical sources say, according to Press T.V.

According to an official at the Shifa hospital in Gaza City, three people were injured in the Tuesday night attacks, including a young man who is in critical condition after being hit by shrapnel.

Israel claims that the attacks were launched as response to a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip which landed in an unpopulated area in the occupied territories without causing any injuries. 

Iran Has Emerged as Major Player in Resolving Crisis in Syria, Diplomat Says

TEHRAN – Iran has become a significant player in resolving the crisis in Syria thanks to Dr. Zarif’s renewed efforts, Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi  Ansari says.

In an interview with the Shargh newspaper published on Wednesday, Jaberi Ansari lauded Foreign Minister Zarif’s role in boosting Iran’s strategic weight in the region, saying the Astana talks are one of the outcomes of Tehran’s dynamic foreign policy.

Egyptian Political Forces Urge Restoring Full Diplomatic Ties with Syria

CAIRO, (ST)- Egyptian political parties and forces have called for restoring full diplomatic ties between Syria and Egypt and condemned the US division schemes against the Arab countries.

In a statement on Tuesday, the forces said "while the Syrian Arab army is achieving victories over terrorist groups, the United States continues to impose its division and fragmentation schemes against our homeland as to help the Zionist entity be the only super power in the region."