Jailed Saudi Woman Activist Rejects Release Deal Tied to Torture Denial

The family of prominent Saudi women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul says she has dismissed a proposal to secure her release from prison in exchange for a video testimony denying that she had been tortured and sexually harassed in custody, Press T.V reported.

“The Saudi state security has visited my sister in prison recently. They have asked her to... appear on video to deny the torture and harassment. That was part of a deal to release her,” her brother Walid al-Hathloul, who is based in Canada, wrote on Twitter.

Walid went on to say that Loujain, who recently marked her 30th birthday in jail, had initially agreed to sign a document denying that she had been tortured, as a precondition for her release.

More Palestinian Prisoners Join Hunger Strike against Administrative Detention in Israeli Jails

Thirty Palestinians in Israeli occupation jails have joined a hunger strike in solidarity with six detainees who have themselves been refusing to eat or drink to protest their illegal detention without charge or trial, Press T.V reported.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said on Monday that another group comprising 30 prisoners had joined the open-ended hunger strike to protest against the practice of so-called administrative detention.

The prisoners reject the intake of any food or water to step up pressure on the Israeli occupation authorities to meet the demands of the six detainees who have been on hunger strike, particularly Huthaifa Halabiya, whose health condition is deteriorating.

Yemeni Army Attacks Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport with Drones

 Yemeni armed forces have targeted the airport of Abha, in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern province of Asir, with domestically-developed Qasef-2K (Striker-2K) drones.

A military source told Yemen’s al-Masirah TV that the drone attacks hit its targets with precision on Tuesday.

Yemeni forces regularly target positions inside Saudi Arabia in retaliation for the Saudi-led military aggression on their country.

On Sunday, the Yemeni forces launched a drone attack on King Khalid Air Base near the city of Khamis Mushait in Asir.

Zionist Entity Approves Construction of 641 New Settler Units in Occupied al-Quds

 Israeli occupation officials have approved plans for the construction of hundreds of new housing units in occupied Jerusalem (al-Quds) in defiance of international outcry against the Tel Aviv regime’s land expropriation and settlement expansion policies in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israeli occupation media outlets reported on Monday that the so-called Jerusalem Local Planning and Construction Committee has given the green light for two plans to build 641 units along the Hebron Road.

The first plan will reportedly be located close to Talpiot neighborhood in southeastern al-Quds, while the second is situated in Shaarei Zion neighborhood.

The Israeli non-governmental organization Peace Now, which monitors settlement activity in the West Bank, said in a statement on August 6 that Israeli occupation authorities had issued approvals for 2,304 housing units.

Iraq Rejects Israel’s Role in Gulf Mission, Warns of West’s Presence

Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohamed Ali al-Hakim has expressed his country’s opposition to the Israeli regime’s possible involvement in a US-led mission in the Gulf region, warning that the presence of foreign forces, including Western countries, in the strategic water body will be fueling tensions.

  “Iraq rejects the participation of Zionist forces in any military force to secure the passage of ships in the Gulf. The Gulf littoral states can together secure the transit of ships,” Hakim wrote in a post published on his official Twitter page on Monday, according to Press TV.